End the Arms race
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The President of The United States
President of the United States

End the Arms race

    1. kyle taylor
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      kyle taylor

      Bowling Green, OH

This important not only for ourselves it is important for future and past generations. We as Human race are constantly killing each other in new and "advanced" ways. By stopping the further proliferation of weapons to kill each other is a vital element in further the killing of others on this planet. There is no need for fully automatic weapons. Our constant approach to war is to out gun, strategise, etc. However this has only perpetuated the conflicts and continually creates more conflicts. By ending the arms race we as the Human race can began to look to means of cooperation and negotiation. We will only have peace in the world when we have peace in ourselves. We can all choose to stop making weapons of war and begin to make instruments of peace. The change must come from you.

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