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Vote to oppose SB 185

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      Concerned Behavior Analysts

Why This Is Important
The need for quality behavior analytic services is substantial for the constituents of our state. The integrity of these services is in jeopardy via SB 185. Financial health care reimbursement is a fundamental issue for access to necessary services. The bill will make reimbursement more difficult thereby increasing the chances of preempting, disrupting and limiting access to quality behavior analytic services  This move will have dire implications for the very individuals SB 185 purports to protect by affecting access to health care and educational services"

Senate Bill 185 gives regulatory authority to the Psychology Board over the field and practice of Behavior Analysis via proposed licensure. The argument psychologists will use for such oversight is couched in "consumer protection", however, it seems to be another "turf" battle waged by psychologists in an attempt to stake claim to another profession. The Psychology board has a long history of initiating turf battles in Louisiana with physicians, LPC's and now Behavior Analysts.

It is critical that consumers of behavior analytic services be adequately protected in Louisiana, which is best accomplished when profesionals from the field of behavior analysis have regulatory authority over the practice of behavior analysis.  I do not believe consumers are in "danger" as the Psychology board asserts.  Board Certified  Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) are certified by an internationally recognized organization, the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) which is  accredited by The National Commision for Certifying Agencies AND the BACB is endorsed by Divison 25 of the American Psychological Association.  

SB 185 will likely be detrimental to consumers for the following reasons:
*The field of psychology will have legal authority over the field of behavior analysis (the assertion that behavior analysis is a subset of psychology is unfounded and not based on facts)

*Most psychologists do not have coursework, training and experience in behavior analysis, yet SB 185 gives the psychology board final authority on the licensure of behavior analysts; decisions regarding practice (which would impact consumers) would be made by persons that do not have the same coursework, training, and experience as the persons they are regulating.

* Behavior Analysts are vulnerable to an imposed supervision requirement by psychologsts; which would likely result in the restriction of services and increased costs which would be passed on to families, (the financial gain would likely be the psychologists').

*The passage of SB 185 would likely reduce the number of behavior analysts willing to practice in Louisiana. There currently aren't a sufficent number of BCBAs to meet the needs of our consumers. Most behavior analysts oppose being regulated by psychologists (LouABA membership voted to oppose SB 185 when it was presented to the membership as a draft). Future BCBAs may choose states in which they may practice independently (like Texas and many others) or be licensed by persons from their own profession (like Kentucky and others).

I believe SB 185 will ultimately compromise the integrity of the practice of behavior analysis, compromise the ability of BCBAs to work independently and most importantly, impede the consumers ability to secure effective, unencumbered services for their loved ones.

Please vote to oppose SB 185.


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    • Irina Rymarchuk NEW ORLEANS, LA
      • over 2 years ago

      to keep applied behavioral analysis from falling under the supervision of the psychology board, making services more expensive and putting therapists under the supervision of someone with no education in the feild.

    • Linda Kemp OWASSO, OK
      • over 2 years ago

      Friends with autistic children.

      • over 2 years ago

      My daughter is autistic.

    • Amanda St.Romain NEW ORLEANS, LA
      • over 2 years ago

      I am in school to be BCBA certified. I love working with children with special needs, namely autism, and I work with other amazing professionals who are truly passionate about their work in the field of behavior analytic services. If less of these individuals were able to provide services to the children that really need them, many lives would be negatively affected. Being a behavior analyst takes not only education and credentials, but a kind, caring heart who really strives to make a difference in the lives of others. The work done by BCBAs is detrimental to many children with autism and their families alike. BCBAs are master's level professionals with additional specialized classes and training in the field of behavioral sciences. They should be respected and regulated by those with the best interests of the children and the families. If the bill passes, I will be one of the future BCBAs to seek job placement outside of this state.

    • James Hobden METAIRIE, LA
      • over 2 years ago

      My grandson is autistic and psychoology was never part of his treatment plan done at Oschner Hospital. We paid out of pocket for a year until our therapist was certified so I know that present certification is rigerous. This bill just add more confusion and cost to a population already in a difficult situation.


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