Fulfill our Commitments - Fully fund REAP
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Fulfill our Commitments - Fully fund REAP

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      Iowa's Water & Land Legacy

Over 620,000 Iowans voted YES in 2010 to support funding for water quality, agricultural soil conservation, and Iowa's great outdoor legacy. We are asking you to support FULL funding for Iowa's REAP (Resource Enhancement & Protection Program) for the FY 2013 budget at $20 million.

Iowa's REAP program has been a bipartisan success since 1989 and enjoys broad support from the Iowa REAP Congress, members of the Iowa REAP Alliance, and Iowa's Water & Land Legacy.

Please support Iowa's REAP program and fulfill the commitment made during the 2011 legislative session and fund the program at $20 million.


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    1. Less than 100 to go!

      We have fewer than 100 signatures to go before we hit 250 supporters! Visit our website below and contact your officials today!

    2. Almost There - on the Road to 250

      Remember, Iowa's Resource Enhancement and Protection Fund was scheduled to be funded at $20 million for FY 2013 (the budget the legislature is currently considering). This was the Governor's recommendation last year. Governor Branstad's budget, released this week, only funds REAP at $12 million - and $8 million cut at a time when Iowa's budget is running record surpluses.

      Please share this petition with your friends, family, social networks, and co-workers. We need to get to 250 signatures!

    3. Reached 100 signatures
    4. Bluebill Wildlife Fishing Jetty gets REAP Grant

    5. 96 Signatures!

      The Iowa REAP Alliance and Iowa's Water & Land Legacy thank you! Your feedback and support for Iowa's premiere water quality, recreation, and hunting/fishing program is really paying off. We have 96 signatures - just over 150 to go to hit our goal of 250. How can you help?

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      Together we can fully fund REAP in 2012!

    6. 50 Signatures!

      We've reached our first milestone of 50 signatures! Thank you for your support! Please share this petition on your Facebook page, Twitter feed, and other networks!

    7. Reached 50 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Jonathan Jordahl DAEGU, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
      • over 2 years ago

      We have taken so much from the land in this state. There is no such thing as a 'sustainable level of topsoil loss!' We must BUILD topsoil for the future generations of Iowans and a better world.

    • Dan Dunham SHERRILL, IA
      • over 2 years ago

      REAP funding is so important to Iowans. The money spent has such a positive result to our state. FULL funding is a must!

    • Fred Heinz MASON CITY, IA
      • over 2 years ago

      REAP has significantly made improvements to quality of life issues for Iowan's in addition to the continued efforts directed towards conservation of our natural resources.

    • Bob Etzel TOLEDO, IA
      • over 2 years ago

      REAP is a far reaching and highly positive piece of legislation that has served the people of Iowa very well for over twenty years in the areas of natural resource protection, public recreation, historical preservation, and environmental education. It addresses significant pieces of what makes Iowa a great place to live.

    • Brian Waldstein SIOUX RAPIDS, IA
      • over 2 years ago

      Because without it we are saying that the future environment "Just isn't that important."


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