The Honourable Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario: Stop destruction of Tundra Swan migration habitat by wind turbines
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The Honourable Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario: Stop destruction of Tundra Swan migration habitat by wind turbines

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      Friends of the Tundra Swans

Every March 10,000-15,000 Tundra Swans migrate from the eastern USA seaboard to the Arctic tundra of Canada and Alaska. On their epic 6,500-kilometer migration the swans stop to rest and feed on the Thedford Bog and environs near Grand Bend on Lake Huron. The Thedford Bog area is a unique habitat ideally suited specifically for the migrating Tundra Swans, with its wide expanse of flat fields that feature large areas of ice, water and snow in March, providing safety and undisturbed quiet for resting, and food in the surrounding agricultural corn stubble fields for building strength. Tourists, photographers, bird watchers and outdoor enthusiasts flock to marvel at the spectacle of this annual migration every year. There are currently multiple wind turbine projects slated for the very ground that is the Tundra Swan migration habitat. These projects must be stopped

See Videos of the Tundra Swans' movements on and over a wide area around the Thedford Bog, 2007-present, and visit @TundraSwans. More information on FauxGreen.

Damning report on Ontario's Green Energy Act (GEA): "Eighty percent of Ontario’s wind power generation…is surplus and is exported at a substantial loss. The province has already lost close to $2 billion on such exports…The loss rate will continue to grow with every new wind turbine installation… In regions afflicted by the proliferation of wind turbine installations, there are additional costs to households due to lost property values, rural environmental degradation, and increased health and stress problems. These have not been taken into account in this analysis but, were they to be considered, the overall cost burden of the GEA would be even higher." 


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    1. Update: Learn about the big picture on FauxGreen, @TundraSwans, video

      We've been learning much about what is driving the relentless proliferation of useless industrial wind turbines across the Ontario landscape. A mere petition is not going to do much to make our political masters change course on this issue. The Ontario Green Energy Act is a powerful piece of legislation enshrining special rights for wind energy companies, taking away traditional democratic rights of municipalities and people, and nullifying specific legislation meant to protect wildlife and the environment. The forces that led McGuinty, Smitherman, Wynne et alia to create the democracy-rights-robbing Green Energy Act are complex. If you would like to learn more, please visit the following links:

      FauxGreen: discussing the big picture -
      Videos: tundra swans -
      Twitter feed: latest breaking news -

      Feel free to disseminate to your network.


      Everything would be what it isn't (Lewis Carroll)

    2. Municipal government to have a greater say, but no veto on useless turbines

      Premier Kathleen Wynne "promising residents across Ontario battling the imposition of industrial wind factories on their communities any and all assistance, short of help."


      No Wynne on wind

      Premier Kathleen Wynne last week promised to give municipal governments a greater say in the location of industrial wind turbines (IWTs) in their communities, short of being able to veto them.

    3. Premier BAD: Dalton McGuinty "takes the cake for ugly farewells"

      Dalton McGuinty, a quitter for a second time on June 12, 2013, too cowardly to answer for his sorry record, his departure "the most squalid and self-serving in recent Canadian history," his performance "grotesque...shameful...a sorry litany of scandals." One scandal, the shocking story of the destructive, useless wind turbine factories he forced on disenfranchised communities has yet to be fully told.

      Meanwhile, his successor, Premier Kathleen Wynne professed on CBC radio that Dalton McGuinty is her "friend, colleague" and that she "is proud to have been part of his government." Her policy: "Wind power...will continue to be part of our long-term energy plan," despite incontrovertible proof that it is a failure in every respect, socially and economically destructive, certainly not green.

      McGuinty quits his seat in self-satisifed silence | Full Comment | National Post

      Ontario's former premier will depart into retirement rather than face questions over the $585-million (and counting) gas plant controversy. It's a fitting end to an ugly episode that will serve as the cap on a decade of maladministration for which Ontarians will long pay the price.

    4. Former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty, ducks accountability for his mess

      Seemingly cowardly Dalton McGuinty, former Ontario premier, still a sitting, never-there-but-collecting-his-salary MPP, and enabler of the odious, massively failed Liberal green energy platform and toxic wind factories, and who shut down the Ontario Legislature and then quit in order to stymie committee investigations into politically-motivated gas plant cancellations costing taxpayers $600 million, and whose senior staff illegally deleted emails relating to that particular boondoggle, is constantly "not available", ducking interview requests and accountability.

      Dalton McGuinty, where are you?

      He's only been spotted in the legislature twice this year.

    5. Cover Your A**: David Suzuki Foundation on IBAs, turbines, "green" energy

      The David Suzuki Foundation urges the Ontario MInister of the Environment to "...follow the recommendation by the Ontario Environmental Commissioner to avoid locating new wind energy projects in IBAs" - Important Bird Areas.

      YET it "...supports the...passing of the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009", the one that legalizes wind factories on IBAs! Moreover: "In particular, our organization is a strong proponent of wind power generation in Ontario, which has benefited from progressive policies such as the Government’s Feed-in Tariff Program (FIT)." These "progressive policies" are proven to be economically useless and fiscally ruinous, while causing untold misery and destruction of health, homes, quality of life, municipal democracy, community life, livestock, wildlife and the landscape. The David Suzuki Foundation's green hypocrisy!

      David Suzuki Foundation does not support wind turbines in IBA's - letter to Min. of Envir. from Suzuki Foundation

      Hon. Jim Bradley Minister of Environment Re: Proposed wind energy project at Ostrander Point (EBR 011-5239) May 15, 2013 Dear Minister Bradley, The David Suzuki Foundation supports the Ontario Government's program to address climate change, including the closure of the province's coal-burning power plants, widespread tree planting, new proposed revenue tools to support expanded...

    6. "Turbine hell in Ontario...government-fed green falsehoods"

      - "This government continues on, with willful blindness and with NDP complicity, promoting and giving approvals to an industry that threatens legal action against municipalities and individuals and which is given full and free license to harm and destroy wildlife habitat."
      - “People have nowhere else to turn. Nothing here is working; they are stripped of health, homes, livestock, community vibrancy, and democracy."
      - "The colossal waste of public money with the astronomical collateral damage of a wasted rural Ontario, cancelled gas plants, secret Samsung deals, Chief of Staff-destroyed government documents, and waste at every level from E-health to Ornge, leaves the people no choice but to demand the resignation of the Premier."

      Read it here:

      The Premier is "out of luck": the green heist is over

      North American Platform Against Wind Power, Ontario Regional Wind Turbine Working Group The Premier is "out of luck": the green heist is over Premier Wynne's callous statement last week, that despite changes in Ontario's wind turbine policies in the future, wind project objectors in the line for massive turbine factories in their communities are simply "out of luck," did not resonate with already pent up frustrated and angry residents of Ontario.

    7. Ontario citizens continue to accept wind power malfeasance, scam, abuse

      ABUSE OF POWER - "...the determination of Wynne’s predecessor, Dalton McGuinty, to ram IWTs down the throats of communities across Ontario is one of the most shameful episodes in the Liberals’ 10-year record of government."
      FALSE PROMISES - "...promising residents across Ontario battling the imposition of industrial wind factories on their communities any and all assistance, short of help"
      SUPPRESSION OF FACTS - "...even as the environment ministry was publicly downplaying the growing controversy, it was internally warning the government its noise limits and setbacks for wind turbines were flawed, inadequate, hard to monitor and difficult to enforce."
      FISCAL RECKLESSNESS -"...poor Liberal decision-making will cost Ontarians billions of dollars on their hydro bills for generations to come."
      SMEAR TACTICS - "...Liberals’ scurrilous suggestion anyone complaining about adverse health effects from wind turbines must be a NIMBY or nuts."

      No Wynne on wind

      Premier Kathleen Wynne last week promised to give municipal governments a greater say in the location of industrial wind turbines (IWTs) in their communities, short of being able to veto them.

    8. Turbine resistor, a young Canadian mother, sued by U.S. wind energy giant

      News Local

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    9. The insanity and tragedy of Ontario's Green Energy Act

      "So now Ontario will pay wind generators for energy that it isn’t even using, produced by turbines in communities that didn’t want them, and were installed under a set of rules that it has since admitted was a mistake."

      Why are the people of Ontario continuing to accept this crazy and extremely damaging situation?

      Read it here:

      Scott Stinson: Rural communities not blown away by changes to Ontario's Green Energy Act

      If the idea behind Thursday's changes to the Feed-in-Tariff program, the lynchpin of Ontario's Green Energy Act, was to mollify the rural communities that rebelled against the Liberals in the last election, well then let's look at now the news was received in the hinterlands.

    10. Reached 750 signatures
    11. "Industrial wind turbines make absolutely zero economic sense"

      "At long last, the media in larger centres are starting to catch on. Rather than assuming it’s just some scattered grassroots complaints from people they like to call NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard), people in urban areas are beginning to see the big picture, that we’re all headed down an economic sinkhole from which we’ll never recover. It’s about time they realized the truth in what people from rural areas have been saying for years. This delusional, wind-powered flimflam scam must end. The Ontario government got us into this mess. Now it’s time for them to get us out, whatever the cost, before it takes down the entire province."

      Read the whole thing here:

      The Winds Are Changing

      by Eric Nixon, Hayter-Walden Publications Forget everything you've ever heard about industrial wind turbines. Forget about the fact that some people can't sleep because of them. Or that they cause property devaluations by up to 50%. Or that they're a blight on the rural landscape.

    12. Shocking map: a plague of industrial wind turbine ravaging southern Ontario

      See the interactive map here - "When you click in a particular area the individual turbines for that project will be presented in the right-hand map for many of the projects...Each red circle is one turbine, and the circles have a radius of 550 metres, the Ontario noise setback."

      Details about the map may be found here:

    13. "Industrial wind factories...a social disaster...a financial one as well."

      "... the Liberals literally rammed industrial wind turbines down the throats of protesting citizens...Not only did McGuinty arrogantly dismiss these people as “NIMBYS”, his Green Energy Act took away the right of their municipal councils to have any say on the location of the wind turbines planned for their communities."

      Read it here:

      Is Wynne the real deal?

      Credits: Dave ThomasToronto Sun/QMI Agency LORRIE GOLDSTEIN | QMI AGENCY Will Premier Kathleen Wynne have the political courage to admit the painfully obvious fact that Dalton McGuinty's experiment with green energy has been an unmitigated disaster for Ontario?

    14. Truth? First-hand experience vs government/wind industry propaganda

      There are almost 1,000 anti-wind power organizations worldwide, and more come online every day. Why? If we believe the wind energy giants and governments that prop them up with special laws and our money, wind turbines are green, benign, reduce reliance on gas and coal, and are profitable. Actually, only the last part is true - but the profits flow to Big Wind only, whereas taxpayers face spiking electricity bills and public debt. The claims are bogus, pure fiction, wishful thinking, a fraud. Many people have direct experience with wind turbines. What they know first-hand flies in the face of the propaganda issued by governments and the wind industry. The rural people living and working beside industrial wind power projects, the scientists studying birds and bats, the medical specialists treating turbine sickness, the taxpayers and watchdogs doing the math have been moved to take action and/or speak out.
      List of groups worldwide:

      Worldwide Anti-wind Warriors

      Below is a partial list ( 974 and counting) of worldwide anti-wind organizations. Not all groups have a website, some simply have a contact name which is included in parentheses. For those that do have a website, I've included a link to it.

    15. Could happen here? Aussie group demands public enquiry into wind industry

      "On May 9th, Australia’s Waubra Foundation issued a call for a full Public Enquiry by a Royal Commission into the wind industry. This was prompted by an attempt to silence their CEO and longstanding advocate for independent multidisciplinary research, Dr Sarah Laurie . . . The Foundation has declared: “To ignore the documented suffering of people, and openly to ridicule them, is not only unethical: it is immoral, if not criminal.” "

      Read the Waubra Foundation's Explicit Cautionary Notice about serious medical conditions associated with people living, working or visiting within 10km of operating wind turbine developments:

    16. McGuinty: Turbines and birds "something which I've not thought about"

      McGuinty said this in 2010. Seems he and his government now headed by Premier Wynne still aren't thinking about it, much less about what industrial wind turbine complexes are doing to rural communities, homes, lives and way of life, human and animal health, the environment, the wildlife. Read:

      An ill wind on Lake Erie

      When Dalton McGuinty visited The Globe and Mail's editorial board earlier this year, one topic seemed to catch him off guard. How, the Ontario Premier was asked, could his government be considering putting wind turbines off the shores of Point Pelee, in Lake Erie's Pigeon Bay?

    17. "Fiscal and economic fiasco" caused by the Green Energy & Economy Act

      - "McGuinty Liberal green energy manipulations" have led to soaring electricity costs.
      - "The money has flowed mainly to the pockets of foreign investors ..."
      - Big wind companies such as "Nextera of Florida or Samsung of South Korea have been the beneficiaries of the largesse, while strangling OPG."
      - "The Ontario Liberal Government under Dalton McGuinty has effectively eviscerated OPG in order to satisfy the likes of Environmental Defence, the Pembina Institute, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association and several other environmental advocates, all at a cost to the Ontario ratepayers and taxpayers."
      - And, important to add, at additional huge cost to wildlife and the environment, human health, property values, community harmony.

      Read details here:

      Ontario Power Generation turning water into debt

      The rapidly rising cost of electricity in Ontario is well known to consumers. The damage shows up in electricity bills that by 2018 are expected to have doubled since the province's Liberal government launched its green energy extravaganza in 2007. Less obvious is another hidden cost in the impact of green energy programs: The decline of Ontario Power Generation (OPG).

    18. Ontario's "green nightmare": avian death, human despair, reckless debt

      - "Dalton McGuinty’s Green Energy Act was a spectacular policy blunder, based on a string of faulty premises..."
      - "Today, the wind power generated in Ontario is both expensive and useless. The province actually pays hundreds of millions of dollars to other jurisdictions to take surplus power off its hands. Energy-intensive companies are leaving because their hydro bills are too high. And taxpayers are stuck with 20-year contracts that will add billions to their hydro bills (and/or the provincial deficit)."
      - "For the record, Ontario’s incoming premier, Kathleen Wynne, is a big fan of these arrangements. But even a saner government wouldn’t be able to undo them."


      McGuinty's legacy is a green nightmare

      On the morning of Jan. 5, workers with a fleet of heavy equipment mounted a stealth assault on a bald eagle's nest near the shore of Lake Erie. Their mission was to remove the nest - one of only a few dozen bald eagle nests in Southern Ontario - to make way for an access road to the site of a new industrial wind turbine.

    19. The wind farm industry's licence to kill

      "For years, the wind energy industry has had a license to kill ... migratory birds. And yet, despite the toll that wind turbines are taking on wildlife, the wind industry wants to keep its get-out-of-jail-free card.

      It’s just another example of big money being used to tell big lies in support of big wind industry profits."


      The wind farm industry's licence to kill

      If you believe the wind industry and its lobby groups, this is the image (above) that depicts their operations: clean, harmless and efficient. Repeatedly, the wind industry says turbines do no harm to birds, or to such a small number it doesn't matter. This is a lie.

    20. Paradise lost: all it took was the Green Energy Act, money, gag orders

      "... wind turbines reared their ugly 507-foot-high heads, threatening to alter the lives of not just the 17 landowners that signed up to host them, but the 96% of islanders that didn’t ... How can 17 people with a direct financial interest make decisions that affect an entire community?"

      Amherst Island, Ontario - make sure you also read the shattering comments by Jim Wiegand:

      Turbine foes left to twist in the wind

      I love the look of serene, shimmering wind turbines standing sentry on a hill. Especially when they're in some isolated place. In Europe. And green energy delights me. I'd like to bequeath my grandchildren a clean Earth. And the many billions of dollars they - and the government - will need to pay for it.

    21. Watch and weep: wind turbines ruin health, family, livestock and homes

      Compelling, convincing, tearful, heartbreaking personal testimonies from Ontario families living badly with wind turbines. They detail debilitating health consequences, destruction of quality of life, abandoned homes, and the seemingly utterly implacable, indifferent and disingenuous Ontario government ministries that apparently will not address their concerns in a credible, responsible manner.


      Victim videos (Canada)

      April 3, 2013 - Ginny Stewart-Love * January 24, 2013 - Grey Highlands, Ontario * January 23, 2013 - Grey Highlands, Ontario * January 2013 - Thamesville, Ontario * December 2012 - Amaranth, Ontario * December 2012 - Dufferin County, Ontario * October 2011 - Clear Creek, Ontario * July

    22. Stop wind factory proliferation: "What doesn’t polite discourse"

      "Big Wind picks you off, one township at a time. Like shooting fish in a barrel. So, what have you got left? You’ve got your pen, you’ve got your voice, your wits, and your anger. Use them effectively."

      "Big Wind is being given a free pass to destroy communities and lives and homes and health." What can you do? "Nonviolent tension that’s “so crisis-packed that it will inevitably open the door” to being listened to. This is the route to follow."

      Here's how:

      How to fight the Big Wind Onslaught

      The following article first appeared on in January, 2009. Calvin Luther Martin is a former university academic who is married to Dr Nina Pierpont. He has a PhD in history, is a prolific author and a leading light worldwide in the anti-wind powerplant movement.

    23. "Stupid is just as destructive as Evil, maybe more so..." (Jim Butcher)

      "Everything...believed about alternative energy turned out to be spectacularly wrong. Today, despite billions of dollars of investment, the total percentage contributed by wind power to the global energy supply can be rounded out to zero..." Margaret Wente in March 2012:

    24. Wilful blindness by the Ontario government?

      On March 26, 2013 the Hon. Bob Chiarelli, Ontario Minister of Energy said in the Legislature: "WIND POWER IS PART OF OUR LONG-TERM ENERGY PLAN. IT WILL CONTINUE TO BE PART OF OUR LONG-TERM ENERGY PLAN…" This despite the apparent catastrophic failure of his government's wind energy policy, as detailed in the Fraser Institute's report.*

      It poses three questions and comes up with a big NO in each case:
      "(1) Will the GEA materially improve environmental quality in Ontario? (2) Is it a cost-effective plan for accomplishing its goals? (3) Are the economic effects on households and leading economic sectors likely to be positive? The answer to each question is unambiguously negative."



    25. Disastrous consequences of Ontario's wind energy policy

      - "Eighty percent of Ontario’s wind power surplus...exported at a substantial loss. The province has already lost close to $2 billion on such exports and currently loses, on average, $24,000 per operating hour on such sales, totaling $200 million annually. The loss rate will continue to grow with every new wind turbine installation..."

      - "In regions afflicted by the proliferation of wind turbine installations, there are additional costs to households due to lost property values, rural environ- mental degradation, and increased health and stress problems...were they to be considered, the overall cost burden of the GEA would be even higher."

      From the Fraser Institute's April 11, 2013 report "Environmental and Economic Consequences of Ontario's Green Energy Act"

      Read it here:


    Reasons for signing

    • Carrie Racine AURORA, ONT, CANADA
      • 12 days ago

      I have witnessed a flock of 6 tundra swans flying over a proposed site for a 46mtr Go Radio tower directly in the flight path of the swans.

    • Doug Peebles TIVERTON, CANADA
      • 23 days ago

      There is only one earth and one nature, once we have destroyed it , it's gone.

    • Shirley Brugger SEAFORTH, CANADA
      • 23 days ago

      It's the right thing to Do! Hydro is not going down with the turbines anyway so why have them ! So the US citizens and enjoy? Then they can get their own!

    • Peter Middleton CLINTON, ON, CANADA
      • 26 days ago

      Wind Turbine Projects are causing more harm than good on multiple fronts.

    • betty vanhie AILSA CRAIG, CANADA
      • 27 days ago

      Turbines are NOT green energy, they are destructive!


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