Stop the hiring discrimination against citizens who speak only English.

Stop the hiring discrimination against citizens who speak only English.

    1. Joyce Wright
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      Joyce Wright

      Heathland NB, Canada

Our provincial population is 33.2% bilingual, 57.7% English only, and 9% French only.

In striving to provide service in the language of choice (French or English) as mandated by our province's Official Languages Act, there has been a recent push by the government of NB (GNB) to achieve a 50% bilingual workforce in the civil service. As such, new job postings are being posted as bilingual-mandatory.

Those who speak only English, the majority language, now cannot apply for jobs in the civil service, whether they want to enter the civil service as a new employee or whether they are a current employee wanting to further their career.

Enforcing a 50% bilingual workforce means that 69% of the bilingual population is eligible for hire or advancement, while only 39.8% of the English-only population is eligible. That is discrimination, and must end.

We are calling on the government of New Brunswick to stop posting jobs as bilingual-mandatory. Bilingualism should be considered and listed as an asset to a posted job, but it must never trump seniority, skill, or other related training that a candidate has.

We are calling on the Government of New Brunswick to balance the actual need for bilingual service in an area with the right for the English-only to be equally involved in the civil service. It must stop eliminating citizens who speak only English from entering or advancing in the provincial workforce. This is especially true in the southern half of the province, which has a 92.21% English-only population versus a 4.78% French-only population. (( UPDATE 11 July/13:  The original stats were derived from census numbers for mother tongue.  Newest StatsCan figures for Knowledge of Official Languages, which is more accurate: 7 southern counties have 84.3% English-only, 15.08% bilingual, 0.27% French-only, and 0.2% neither official language. LESS THAN ONE PERCENT OF THESE COUNTIES CANNOT SPEAK ENGLISH! ))

We are calling on the Government of New Brunswick to use available technology, such as mobile devices and video chat, to provide timely service in the language of choice rather than continuing to enforce a discriminatory hiring ratio.

Stop the hiring discrimination against citizens who speak only English.

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    1. Reached 7,500 signatures
    2. We have reached 5,500 signatures!

      Joyce Wright
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you, once again, for signing and sharing!

      We can be sure the current government is hoping this issue will fade away as they continue to ignore it. It is our duty, as equal citizens of this province, to ensure that they cannot ignore us. Continue to promote this issue. Send e-mails to your MLA. Write letters to the editor. Do not let anything stop you.

      Remember: true equality is supposed to unite, not divide. NB's approach to implementing the OLA has led to hidden costs, constant division, bitterness on both sides, and self-imposed segregation in the name of rights.

      An 'essential skill' is just that...essential to performing the regular duties of the job. A bilingualism requirement for a job that doesn't need both languages to perform the job is an artificial requirement & discriminates against the unilingual people who can do the job just as well as bilingual people.

      Next election, cast your vote carefully, considering this very important issue. NB deserves better!

    3. We have reached 5,000 signatures!

      Joyce Wright
      Petition Organizer

      Hello to all of you, and thank you for signing! I have attached the link to the CBC's web article regarding the petitions.

      Here are some points to consider:
      Only those jobs which require the daily, consistent use of both languages to perform the job's daily basic functions should be posted as bilingual-mandatory. Otherwise, the job should be open to qualified unilingual people. These qualifications include seniority, training, skills, experience, and education. Jobs should not require bilingualism 'just in case' the worker, at some point unknown, might have an encounter or two with a person from the other language group.

      To help meet our current obligation for service in language of choice, existing technology should be used. Immediate service could be achieved by accessing a dedicated translation team via video link on electronic devices.

      Making bilingualism an artificial 'requirement', denying unilingual people jobs in the process, is unacceptable.


      Duelling language petitions ignite debate over hiring

      Two competing petitions are circulating around New Brunswick and are igniting a new debate over the provincial government's hiring policies. A St. Stephen woman has started one online petition that calls on the provincial government to stop passing over people for jobs who only speak English.

    4. Reached 5,000 signatures
    5. Passed 4,500 signatures!!!

      Joyce Wright
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you all...but we cannot stop! Another petition has been started, asking the government to maintain the demand for a 50% bilingual workforce. That petition mentions me by name, and says I make believe that the Anglophones are being discriminated against. It also says that this effort demonstrates a willingness of individuals and small groups to reverse the historic rights of Acadian New Brunswick, and that bilingualism is a great benefit for all.

      This petition is not trying to reverse anyone's rights; it is trying to maintain the rights of the English-only to work and advance in the civil service, and end a discriminatory hiring mandate which is NOT a benefit.

      Equality means "it doesn't matter", just like skin color and ethnicity don't matter; the best person gets the job. No job should require bilingualism unless the daily use of both official languages is involved in performing the job's functions. It shouldn't be "just in case" someone wants to speak the other language!

    6. Passed 4,000 signatures!!!

      Joyce Wright
      Petition Organizer

      4,000 thanks are extended to all of you for signing! Let's keep the link moving! Just as important is reaching out to those who aren't online. Please, start a paper petition in your area. Get it signed by those who do not have online access, or an e-mail address.

      Added to the basic cost of duality, we now see that there is a lawsuit coming against the province due to the new riding boundaries. Some francophone communities don't want to be a part of a riding that is mostly anglophone, and the taxpayer-funded SANB is backing this lawsuit. If we're equal, as the languages act states, then it shouldn't matter where the invisible riding lines are drawn. Once again, "equality" is actually proving to be "division", and will cost NB many millions more.

      Our Legislature will not meet again until Nov. 28th, so we have 4 months to work. Organize a community meeting. Get paper petitions signed. Write your MLA. Submit letters to the editor. Put a sign on your lawn.

      We deserve better!

    7. Reached 4,000 signatures
    8. Passed 3,500 signatures!

      Joyce Wright
      Petition Organizer

      We hit the 3,500 milestone within 3 weeks, and that is fabulous! This petition is averaging over 1,000 signatures per week...much more than the couple of complaints a week to the Office of the Official Languages Commissioner. But, since no one in that office or the whole government of NB cares about this issue, this is how we must tackle it.

      Please continue to share the link. I would suggest buying a pack of do-it-yourself business cards, and printing the link on it. Hand them out wherever you go!

      This issue is so very is becoming more difficult every day to be an English-speaker in NB. From ending discrimination against the French, to justifying discrimination against the English, the OLA has surely 'morphed' out of control. It is so very frustrating that the traditional parties of NB have successively mangled its administration to this point of blatant discrimination disguised as 'equality'.

      NB deserves better!! Bring on the People's Alliance of NB!

    9. Passed 3,000 signatures!

      Joyce Wright
      Petition Organizer

      This petition was featured in yesterday's Daily Gleaner, and we hit the 3000 mark last night! Awesome!

      Outgoing language commissioner Michel Carrier had these things to say:
      "'They've improved but they're not there yet." In other words, he doesn't care what this hiring mandate is doing, he's still pushing it.
      "Sometimes policies affect someone and that person will start saying, 'It's discrimina­tory; it's not just.' That's the way it works. You have to qualify for certain positions,' " The thing to remember is that MOST of these jobs do not actually require the use of both languages in their daily performance, so his point is invalid.
      "...some people are saying it's awful. Well, take a step back and look at it objectively." That's what we've done. And it's pretty clear this is a discriminatory hiring practice. Objectively means without bias, and that's what we want. The best person should get the job regardless of their language!!!

      Keep at it...we deserve better!

    10. Reached 3,000 signatures
    11. 2,500 signatures!!

      Joyce Wright
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks to all of you, we have passed the 2500 mark in 15 days! I am absolutely thrilled with the response to this petition, and with the willingness you have all shown to share the link!

      In our government, we elect MLA's to represent us in our Legislature. Yet, the moment they are elected, they can no longer represent us and instead must 'toe the party line'. If an MLA speaks out against a party line, they can literally be kicked out of caucus. One MLA is sitting as an independent because he was kicked out of the Conservative Party for questioning duality. How's that for freedom of speech?

      The unfair and discriminatory hiring policies, which are not actually a requirement of the Languages Act, must end. French and English are supposed to be equal, but the moment a language requirement is put in place is the moment they are no longer equal. Equal means it shouldn't matter; the best person gets the job, whether French, English or bilingual.

      NB needs true equality!

    12. Reached 2,500 signatures
    13. 2000 Signatures!!!

      Joyce Wright
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks to all of you, we've gained another 500 signatures in just over 24 are all doing an amazing job of getting the word out!!

      The local radio station featured this petition as part of a news segment, and we are working toward local newspaper coverage. One lady from Oromocto, who lost her job because of this issue, was featured in Fredericton's Daily Gleaner in June. She has found an ally in the People's Alliance of NB, as I have, and her situation will be receiving follow-up coverage in the Gleaner. Look for the article in the next few will be good!

      This petition is purely a one-person, average-citizen effort, but after I started it I found out the PANB has been calling for these exact things for nearly a year...and they are the only provincial party to even address it. The others are ignoring us and pushing the discrimination, so how can I not let all of you know that someone is actually listening, and joining our efforts?

      Thanks, all of you!!!!

    14. Reached 2,000 signatures
    15. We have reached 1500 signatures!!

      Joyce Wright
      Petition Organizer

      Once again, I must say THANK YOU! These past 24 have seen an incredible jump in the spread of the petition, and it's because all of you care!

      NB's 2011 workforce profile showed that NB had 46,788 public service employees as of Dec. 31/11. That number doesn't even include those who work for the Crown Corporations (Ambulance NB - about 1,000 employees, NB Power - over 2,500, NB Liquor, Invest NB, etc.).

      A 50% bilingual workforce, just in those sectors covered in the profile, means 23,394 positions would be filled from our bilingual population. If that actually happens, 9.51% of the bilingual population would be employed by the government while only 4.7% of both English-only and French-only would be employed by the government. That is blatant discrimination, and I can't understand why our government doesn't care!

      Please take a moment to start a paper petition and an e-mail campaign to your own MLA even as this one grows. Go to to find your MLA.

    16. Reached 1,500 signatures
    17. We have reached 1,000 signatures!

      Joyce Wright
      Petition Organizer

      Once again I must say a sincere THANK YOU to all who have signed and shared. We are not stopping the petition until the NB Legislature convenes in September, so please continue to share this petition with everyone you come in contact with. And let them know the comments they leave telling how this issue has affected them are especially powerful in our fight for equality.

      My next step is taking this to local media, which I will be doing in the next few days. I will also be organizing a 'concerned citizens' group in my area, and would encourage those from other areas to do the same. We must let our "leaders" know that the issue is not about one or two disgruntled citizens...this must be a province-wide call for equality, and they must see how this is affecting our families and our economy.

      Please take a moment to e-mail your MLA; written communication is best, and make sure you keep any replies you get. It's time that taxpayer-funded language discrimination ends!!!

    18. Reached 1,000 signatures
    19. Over 750 signatures!!!

      Joyce Wright
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you all..we have passed the 750 mark, and are counting down to our first 1000! Continue to pass the link becomes more important every day.

      This province lost over 5000 jobs in June, and our unemployment rate is now the highest in Canada. Yet this government lets jobs sit empty rather than giving them to a qualified English-only person! Those vacant jobs are performed by the part-time and casual employees, in many cases working overtime and costing the province much more money, just to meet an unrealistic and discriminatory 50%-bilingual hiring mandate.

      We need to work together to see that common sense becomes a little more common in the governing of this province!

      New Twitter feed for links to stats, articles, and such: @mamanana426 #EqualRights4English

      Once again, thanks to all who have signed so far....let's do one thing every day to help bring positive change to NB!

    20. Reached 750 signatures
    21. We have reached 500 signatures!!

      Joyce Wright
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! We have reached the 500 mark in just 4 days!! At this rate, we will have thousands of signatures by the time the NB Legislature convenes in September, and that is fabulous!

      Currently, we are getting the royal run-around from the governing party. This government has unveiled its plans to expand the reach of the Official Languages Act to include having it "complied with" by third-party service providers. The Liberals have also been in the news demanding that the government "do more" (translation: deny even more jobs to the English-only).

      Next year is an election year, and one party has publicly declared that there needs to be equality in the language arena, with bilingual hiring based on the actual need in a particular region. Check out the People's Alliance of NB and see what you think...let's get a voice for the people in next year's legislature!

      Official Languages Act amendments introduced

      Premier David Alward's Progressive Conservative government has introduced amendments to update the 2002 Official Languages Act, a package of changes that has been endorsed by the Liberal Opposition in the legislature. Alward and Liberal Leader Brian Gallant took the unusual step of appearing together before reporters on Friday to underline that both parties support the bill.

    22. Reached 500 signatures
    23. We have passed 250 signatures!

      Joyce Wright
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you all for signing the petition, but we must not stop now! Please continue to share the link with friends, family and co-workers. The NB Legislature has adjourned for the summer, but when they meet again we want to have at least a thousand signatures...and the comments people leave are especially helpful!

      Thanks to all of you...let's keep up the momentum, and do at least one thing every day to get the message out that NB needs change!

      Joyce Wright

    24. Reached 250 signatures


    Reasons for signing

      • 15 days ago

      because i was born and raised down there and still have family there

    • Joan Murphy SAINT JOHN, CANADA
      • 16 days ago

      Could affect my family

    • Danielle Bourque AMMON, CANADA
      • 16 days ago

      I have a diploma in Accounting, payroll, legal and business administration, can't find a job cause almost 99% are billiginual only. I was from a french family that never talked french

    • Arlene Melanson CANOBIE NB, CANADA
      • 17 days ago

      I always wondered why employers will hire staff that can only speak French, but will not hire workers that are English. Discrimination

    • Janet Rogers HANWELL, CANADA
      • 17 days ago

      Comprehension of English a problem for most bilinguals.

      Segregation - we are regressing to the problems the US had with the blacks & whites prior to the 60s.

      If NB had been serious about bilingualism, all schools would have been bilingual from the start.

      The cost of bilingualism is over the top - schooling, health care, judicial. How long does NB think they can sustain this?


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