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The Government of Alberta - Landlord and Tenant Act

Tenancy Protection Laws need to change to protect Tenants and their pets

    1. Lindy Hinds
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      Lindy Hinds

      Calgary, Canada

A lot of Tenants and their pets are suffering in the Province of Alberta, Canada and in other Provinces and in other States, because Landlords are refusing to take them and their pets in simply because they MIGHT cause damage to the property! If the Tenant is brave enough to move in anyway, then the Landlord eventually finds out and tries to evict the Tenant or Tenants! In the Province of Ontario, the Courts will not allow a Landlord to evict a person if in fact it can be shown that their pet is not causing damage to the property. It's important to stand up to our MLAs to effect change and also to stand up to our Landlords, both when we're trying to rent a place to say "we will take this place with our cat, dog, etc. and it won't cause any damage to your property and furthermore, we will not be forced to pay a pet deposit when in fact you're taking a security deposit from us!"

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    • Johanne Singer CALGARY, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I have been told by a few landlords the reason why they refuse animals is because of the mess or damage the animals can cause, I have witnessed the mess, damage that kids can cause in a rental. It is not the animals or kids at fault, I blame the owners / parents - it is the way they are brought up and taught.

    • Vanessa Kapusta CALGARY, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I believe many pets are given up because people simply can't find a pet friendly rental or what have you. My pets are my children and I think I speak for many pet owners when I say that.. This should be in effect immediately! Pet owners should not be penalized for making the decision of owning a pet. They should not be given the choice of , you either live with or without them! It's just wrong! Pet owners should be treated equally as a family with children!

    • Lindy Hinds CALGARY, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      This is important to me because my daughter and myself and our pets have suffered immensely by moving into places we 'thought' would actually take our pets, and then later if there might be minor other problems, they think they can just use the excuse that they suddenly don't want our pets - even when we haven't signed a Lease indicating they would or wouldn't take them! Our present landlord changes his mind every day and we recently had him sign a paper saying we'd move with the cats in 2 to 3 months or sooner, and he keeps harrassing us and phoning us and putting signs in the window and asking us when we'll be out! He even tried serving a form on us printed from Government forms giving us a 16 day eviction notice til we finally had to 'give away' that we would be handing him a Notice of Objection! We don't really have to tell him that we'll be giving him that on the 16th day! Also he thinks this will actually hold water, but he actually has to go to Court to try and evict us and if he wins, then most of our security deposit would go to legal fees, which simply isn't fair to lose this when my daughter's unemployed and I'm on disability!


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