The Discovery Channel: Stop showing videos of Bear Grylls mutilating, killing and eating innocent animals

The Discovery Channel: Stop showing videos of Bear Grylls mutilating, killing and eating innocent animals

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      Bat World Sanctuary

In a clip from Man vs Wild (formerly on The Discovery Channel) Bear Grylls used smoke to flush bats from a cave and then struck the fleeing, terrified animals with a makeshift club and stomped on them with what seemed to be glee, jokingly referring to it as “bat tennis.”

Yes, this actually happened, and it is not an isolated incident. Aside from bats, Bear has killed alligators, monitor lizards, capybaras and even boas. None of these animals are killed in anywhere near a humane manner; they are simply beaten to death for the amusement of the viewing public. 

This can’t be overstated enough: for those who care about animals, the videos available online showing his frequent atrocities are very, very difficult to watch.  If you seek them out to see for yourself, please be aware of this.

In replying to email complaints about the show, The Discovery Channel defended itself by saying that Bear was imparting valuable survival information and, unbelievably, that it was his Bear’s “style!” Such “stylistic” concerns as applied to people comprises much of the notoriety of serial killers.  As for the conveyance of vital survival tips, opting to beat, kill and eat whatever animals are near is very clearly a rash and inadvisable course of action. Real survival experts - the ones who actually survive in the wilderness rather than preen their sad macho survivalist fantasies on television - say that pretty much everything Bear Grylls does or says to do will get you killed. There is no worthwhile information whatsoever that can only be conveyed by filming oneself killing innocent, healthy animals, and terrorizing and bludgeoning sleeping bats right at their doorstep.  

Let us not forget that Bear Grylls was exposed for staying in hotels overnight while filming a show that falsely portrayed him as embattled by harsh wilderness.

Profiting from the utterly pointless killing of these bats - and all animals - is unilaterally unacceptable, and while the show may now be cancelled, Discovery still has the video and others like it up for viewing on their website, meaning that they as well as Bear are still profiting from engineering, perpetrating and showing the deaths of these innocent animals to audiences worldwide. 

Please contact those responsible for fouling our televisions with his presence. Please also feel free to join the Bear Barbaric Bear Grylls Facebook page to voice your opinion:


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      • 2 days ago

      Stop glorifying the murder of animals because this is what this is!! Murder!! I refuse to watch any programmes where animals are getting killed, mutilated or anything like that by people. It's sick. He is nothing more than a silly ignorant little boy

      • 7 days ago

      cruauté insupportable de la part d'un personnage ignoble

    • jack joseph HIGHLAND MILLS, NY
      • 15 days ago


      Beaten to death for amusement?

      I Wonder WHY this is sickening and disturbing and should NOT be on The Discovery Channel - on less what you're trying to discover is how far you can piss off and alienate people to bnever turn on Discovery again!

      no heart? what happened? usewd to Love The Discovery CFhannel, Used to be one of my top 5... now? after hearing more about this? Unlewss it is removed and not aired ever again - no one is THIS household will be watching anything from that channel - it could be the shark olympics and we still wouldn't watch it - rather read about it in the local newspaper than supoort a channel that has gone from animal teaching and learning to Butchery for the sake of it.

      i am highly insulted that you'd air such a show - what is next ?? Faces of Death that you do live for the amusement of sociopaths?

    • Rachel Nichols WIMAUMA, FL
      • 16 days ago

      I can't believe someone I used to look up to would do something like that and I hope he reads this message. *Sobs*

      • 16 days ago

      Tired of seeing videos of this man killing and eating innocent animals


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