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The Department of Defense

Change the name to The Department of Offense

    1. mike healy
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      mike healy

      Novato, CA

America has not fought a defensive battle on it's own territory in over 60 years. America has been on the offensive in other countries from the time we started seizing Indian lands to the present day. The Department of Offense is a more honest description of what that department does.

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    • Lizabeth Healy SAN RAFAEL, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Time to address all aspects of our governmentband confirm if it is "still working fo us." While I know the name of this dept will not change anytime soon, maybe the consideration of what it means will trickle into our conscious to manifest a future change. The U.S. Acts far more defensively and has made many an enemy with their offensiveness. The average American does not want war. They don't want the level of invasion that the U.S. Has had in countries around the world. We are like the nosy neighbor who befriends you just to be sure they are there to manipulate you later.


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