Tell Upper Crust Pizzeria to pay employees what they are owed!
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Tell Upper Crust Pizzeria to pay employees what they are owed!

    1. Edward S. Gault
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      Edward S. Gault

      Berlin, MA

See U.S. Department Of Labor investigating Upper Crust Chain by Globe Staff Writer Jenn Abelson

To The Management of Upper Crust Pizzeria,
I am writing this with concern for your employees. Many work for only $10.00 an hour, some have worked overtime-then been denied their overtime payment. Last year the U.S. Department of Labor ordered Upper Crust to pay $341,000 to more than 100 workers that you owed money to. According to The Boston Globe, a suit filed last month claims that you payed back the money, but then didn't let workers keep it, telling them that they would have to return it in order to keep their jobs! More recently the federal government has started an investigation into your compensation practices.
I make it a practice to eat only at places that pay their staffs fair living wages, health care, and are honest in their compensation practices. I hope that you will resolve this dispute soon, so that I can dine at you restaurant in good conscience.


Suit Allegeges Upper Crust Took Back Worker's Pay by Globe Staff Writer, Jenn Abelson.

This petition was inpired by an article in Boston Globe Magazine:

What's Wrong with Boycotts by Mark Pothier

Pothier reccommends e-mails, letters, and Petitions over boycotts, which he suggests actually hurt the very people that they intend to help. He details the Upper Crust Case.

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