Tell TN Legislators: Stop the Living Wage Repeal
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Tell TN Legislators: Stop the Living Wage Repeal

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      Workers Interfaith Network

Workers across Tennessee need your support in stopping an attempt by the legislature to repeal local fair wage laws that have been passed in communities across the state.

In 2006, Memphis passed a Living Wage Ordinance covering workers on City service contracts. In 2007, Shelby County passed a similar local law. Memphis, Shelby County, and Davidson County have also passed fair wage laws for local government construction contracts.

House Bill 3386 would repeal these local fair wage laws, and ban any other Tennessee communities from setting living wage requirements. If the law is passed, some workers covered by current fair wage laws could see their pay cut by as much as 43%.

Rep. Curry Todd introduced an amendment this week to exempt the Memphis living wage ordinance from the proposed law, claiming that it is the only local law that would be reversed by the state bill. This is not true. There are at least 4 other fair wage laws in local communities across the state that will be reversed.

Please stand with workers across the state and call on the House State and Local Government subcommittee to protect the rights of city and county governments to make the decisions that are best for their citizens and keep the over-reaching arm of the state government out of our local affairs.

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    2. Your action delays vote on Tennessee living wage repeal

      On Feb. 29th, the members of the House State & Local Government subcommittee that you've been petitioning delayed a vote on the living wage repeal until March 7th. This could be a sign that they don't currently have enough votes to get the bill passed.

      Not only have legislators been hearing from many of you; there's also been a flurry of media coverage. The Commercial Appeal newspaper covered a press conference by local elected officials on Feb. 27th, and FOX 13 devoted a 5 minute segment to the anti-living wage bill, featuring Rebekah Gienapp, the director of Workers Interfaith Network (you can watch the video on WIN's blog.)

      We still need to keep up the pressure on legislators. Can you invite your friends to sign the petition?

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    • Suellen Alfred COOKEVILLE, TN
      • over 2 years ago

      It is immoral to pay some state workers very large salaries while the pay of lowest paid workders make it difficult for them to make ends meet.

      Suellen Alfred

    • Paul deLeon KNOXVILLE, TN
      • over 2 years ago

      How can our state have a great economy when such a large proportion of our workforce lives near the poverty line? The Memphis ordinance is a great example for public and private employers across the state. The state has no business overturning the wishes of the elected leaders of Memphis.

    • Jay Tucker KNOXVILLE, TN
      • over 2 years ago

      Trickle-down economics has failed. The republican response is to push their policies even harder. When will the Left -- and the rest of the country -- recognize how desperate and tapped out the Right has become?

    • Sabrina Frang RIVERDALE, GA
      • over 2 years ago

      Please stop America from becoming a dystopia;support fair wages.

    • Amy Olmstead MEMPHIS, TN
      • over 2 years ago

      Government is suppose to be "for the people." How is removing the ability to pay your bills "for" anyone?


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