Tell The U.S Government To Legalize and Tax Marijuana
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Tell The U.S Government To Legalize and Tax Marijuana

    1. Michael Tokes
    2. Petition by

      Michael Tokes

      Long Island, NY

Why is it that special interests dominate public discourse, government and politics?

The War on Drugs is an utter failure. Marijuana has been in use for thousands of years and has not been contributed to a single death by overdose. Tobacco kills around 450,000 people a year and Alcohol kills around 80,000. The legalization of marijuana would raise the U.S. billions of dollars in tax revenue and would contribute to lowering our debt. Marijuana is not a gateway drug, it's not physically addicting, and it doesn't kill brain cells. The propaganda surrounding marijuana is deceitful. It's time to wake up and realize this natural, God-given plant will only benefit society instead of being detrimental as many may think.

As statistics have shown, more than half of Americans support the legalization and taxation of Marijuana. Why is it that lawmakers do not keep an open mind about this billion dollar industry?

Why is it not legalized, taxed and regulated like alcohol or tobacco?


The legalization of marijuana has been a heated debate in the news over the past few years with valid arguments on both sides of the issue, but I feel as if the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages. Legalizing marijuana is not only economical but beneficial health wise to the population of well, any country. Look how many western nations have already caught on to that idea (Amsterdam for example), and are profiting from it.

For a second, let’s give up all the notions we’ve been fed about marijuana through several media outlets about the fact that it is a ‘drug’ and the idea that drugs are bad (through our conditioning). Did you ever think about the fact that cigarettes are even more harmful to your health and yet they’re still legal?

What makes marijuana so bad that it can’t be legalized? It’s definitely not the idea that marijuana is bad for your health because if it was bad for your health, it wouldn’t be prescribed for medical purposes. In fact, medical research has proven several benefits of marijuana use including treatment for glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and the obvious fact that it is both anti-emetic (prevents nausea) and used for pain relief. For those concerned about the health effects due to smoking marijuana, remember, smoking is not the only way to enjoy marijuana benefits, you can also eat it or even vaporize it. 

In fact, many economists are trying to push the legalization of marijuana because they believe it will help bring up the drowning economy of the United States. Most people may not realize it, but the United States spends billions of tax payers dollars fighting the so called “drug war” when there are so many more important issues at hand. I mean, let the people who want to smoke marijuana smoke marijuana peacefully, how is it bothering you? If the fact that you are not earning any tax dollars off illegal sales is bothersome, then just legalize it and tax it.

The legal selling price could be much lower than the street selling price, giving people incentive to purchase legally. Taxing marijuana and saving money on the drug war could actually profit the US economy greatly.

So if there are so many advantages to legalizing marijuana, why doesn’t the government follow through with it? Why does it not have enough support to push it through?


People are aware that cigarettes cause cancer and have many negative effects but continue to smoke it – the only requirement being health hazards being posted on the packs. Why couldn’t the same precautions be provided whilst legalizing marijuana and then have the people make their own decisions – give the people the choice to live their own lives.

“Legalizing marijuana will raise too many health hazards which will raise the health care costs” – a totally untrue statement. People smoke cigarettes which cause more health damage and thus increase the need for medical attention, raising medical costs, whereas marijuana wouldn’t drastically increase health care costs (with the new health care bill coming up), possibly decrease health care costs and even help people quit smoking. Besides, there are plenty of healthy ways to smoke marijuana.

There is no substantial reason that prevents the government from pursuing an action that will ultimately benefit the nation, because people will continue to use marijuana for leisure purposes, whether it be legally or illegally.


A solid majority of the American public now agree with NORML that responsible marijuana smokers should not be treated like criminals. Eight out of ten Americans support the medical use of marijuana, and nearly 3 out of 4 Americans support a fine-only (no jail) for recreational smokers. 52% of Americans now favor legalizing and taxing marijuana, which is the first time we have enjoyed the support of a majority of the American public. Our challenge now is to convert this public support into public policy. - statistics from the 2009 nationwide Zogby Poll and

Why did the United States spend $12 million to arrest Tommy Chong, who had lent his name and image to a line of bongs, but had no role in making or distributing them? Since hemp, which comes from marijuana, has myriad uses (clothing, food, biofuel), why does the U.S. disavow production of it? Why is Marc Emery, who sells marijuana seeds in Canada, being prosecuted by the American government but not the Canadian government?

The answer appears to be the keeping up of appearances. The authorities need something to do, and marijuana is used by a lot of people (50 million Americans or so). Privatized prisons are a big growth industry, and marijuana convictions keep them filled. And if marijuana is illegal, the pharmaceutical industry can make more money. After all, non-patentable marijuana isn't a good business model when it comes to helping glaucoma and AIDS patients.


Tell the Federal Government to respect state rights for medicinal use!

End the Prohibition of Marijuana in the United States.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Jerry Watson TAYLORSVILLE, KY
      • 2 days ago

      end the drug war against the people, the people want weed and the tax help for schools, hospitals and rehabs

    • Sydney Whitmore LANCASTER, NY
      • 2 months ago

      Legal or not people are going to use marijuana anyways. It's a cure and I've seen it work. It's time for people to open their eyes and accept this does work.

    • Philip Banigan PAWTUCKET, RI
      • 3 months ago

      Time has come.

      Use money to build new schools.

    • Linda Keller NEWARK, OH
      • 3 months ago

      Legalizing medical marijuana would be a start, but it should be legalized for anyone over the age of 18. Marijuana is the safest most effective anti-anxiety medicine out there. Many could benefit, either occasionally or more frequently, from having it available legally. As it stands now, illegally purchased, it is sometimes secretly polluted with detrimental street drugs or prescription drugs, and often people addicted to dangerous drugs are the only source for obtaining it because they are the only ones willing to risk being arrested for selling it. This beneficial herb needs to be taken out of the hands of criminals and made available to the general public at a reasonable price from a safe and regulated source.

    • Kathi Stanicki FREETOWN, IN
      • 4 months ago

      Legalizing marijuana would allow a tax to be placed on the selling of it, this bringing that state needed money and would improve our nations deficit. I also feel that smoking marijuana doesn't kill all the people that die every second of the day from a drunk driver, nor do people die from smoking pot like those who die from lung cancer ect. from smoking cigarettes. but yet alcohol and cigarettes are legal to buy, drink and smoke..


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