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Remove your Misleading Ad

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Ken Cuccinelli’s newest television ad isn’t just a dishonest attempt to smear his opponent, Terry McAuliffe – it features two women who didn’t even know they were being filmed for a political commercial.
Mother Jones magazine broke the news that the women in the ad say they thought they were being interviewed for a documentary.

"If I had known that's what it was for," one of them told the magazine, "I never would've agreed to the interview."

Ken Cuccinelli put this ad on air — he can take it down. But he won’t do it unless he feels overwhelming pressure from the public telling him that keeping it up is unacceptable.

Call on Cuccinelli to pull the ad and demand he apologize to the women who were misled into appearing in it.

Add your name to the petition, and learn how about how you can get involved to help us defeat Cuccinelli this November.

Ken Cuccinelli
Remove your misleading ad and apologize to the women who thought they were being filmed for a documentary - not a political ad they didn't sign up for.

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