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Tell Congress: It's Time to Repeal Doma
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Tell Congress: It's Time to Repeal Doma

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It’s time for the federal government to stop punishing same-sex couples. It’s time to repeal DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act).

Repealing DOMA:

• would be a repudiation of the forces of hate and division who have long pushed to enshrine discrimination further in federal law.

• would mean federal recognition of all marriages in states like Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Washington, Maryland and Washington, D.C. -- including the state-recognized marriages of same-sex couples there.

• would stop the government from selectively withholding the 1,300 or so legal protections that only legal civil marriage affords.

• would remove a discriminatory blemish from federal law, sending a powerful moral message.

It’s becoming clear that the walls excluding LGBT Americans from equality under the law are coming tumbling down. The Judges and state legislatures who have come down on the side of equality are doing their jobs -- now Congress needs to do theirs. Take action now to make sure that Congress eliminates DOMA.

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    • Cindy Capps ROCHESTER, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      Everyone deserves equal rights. Discrimination should not be tolerated.

    • J. Elizabeth Myers EL PASO, TX
      • over 1 year ago

      I was with my partner for 30 years. Her death is the only reason we are not together; so how could we not be married? We were in our hearts and we deserved the same rights as others. As far as the folks who "did not mean to sign because of biblical principles," you need to learn how to read. Better yet, you folks need to learn to give up your narrow view and cherry picking from the Bible. Hate is not a value. I find it disgusting that some people are so bent on denying rights to loving couples, as we were.

    • Danni Knight DOVER, PA
      • over 1 year ago

      Love is love. We have so little of that anymore in the world today, to deny someone the chance to be with the one they love is cruel and ignorant.

    • Jesse Bohanan YORK, PA
      • over 1 year ago

      I feel very strongly that all people are created equal, regardless of race, class, culture, gender, age, sexual orientation, or any other factor. I also believe that this is the central principle upon which the United States of America was founded. It was certainly central in the minds of our founding fathers.

      That said, the notion that sexual relationships are "traditionally between a man and a woman" is completely bizarre and has arisen out of a gross misunderstanding and misinterpretation of history by bigoted individuals who value their own prejudices more than the emotions and loves of others. Aristophanes, in Plato's -The Symposium- makes it very clear that both male and female homosexual couples were accepted in ancient Greek culture, the same culture that, when intermingled with that of ancient Israel, gave rise to the Christian church, which spread throughout the Roman Empire in later years and has now become one of the most widespread religious traditions. If Christians such as myself embrace such ancient Greek and Roman traditions as the celebration of the winter solstice, which was placed in an alignment with the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ when in fact his birth date is unknown, why should we not embrace the Greek and Roman traditions of homosexuality?

      In conclusion, regardless of time or place, equality is something which is deserved by all. Homosexuality has been proven as a genetic trait time and time again through empirical study. As the Christian theologian and philosopher St. Augustine himself said during his lifetime in the late fourth and early fifth centuries, humankind's understanding of scripture must, as a necessity, evolve as its understanding of science evolves, for science is only granted to us in revelatory bursts of inspiration granted to us by God himself. It is time we took his message to heart and started granting greater rights to those overlooked by society, as our Lord and savior Jesus Christ himself would wish.

      [Note: I mean no offense to those non-Christians signing this petition. I merely seek to influence those Christians who may not fully understand the history of the church in its entirety. Science and all religion seek the same end, and that end is Truth.]

    • David Romero WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      Because ALL people are created EQUAL!


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