Tell Cal State Professors Shouldn't Promote Thai Sex Tourism
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Tell Cal State Professors Shouldn't Promote Thai Sex Tourism

    1. Amanda Kloer
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      Amanda Kloer

      Washington, DC

May 2010


After receiving an onslaught of letters from readers, university professor Kenneth Ng voluntarily shut down the sex tourism website he ran. The local newspaper which reported the announcement specifically mentioned the petition, which informed the California State University Northridge President Dr. Jolene Koester about the connection between sex tourism and human trafficking in Thailand. Talk about making change! Congratulations on your victory, and thank you everyone who signed the petition.

By day, Kenneth Ng is an economics professor at California State University Northridge. But by afternoons, evenings, and weekends, he's the man behind a website which teaches men how to navigate the "Thailand Girl Scene," as Ng calls the rampant sex tourism which takes place in tourist areas of Thailand. But despite complaints from at least one large group of international businessmen, the University has refused to take any action against Ng, including asking him to take the site down. You can tell California State University administrators about the overwhelming human trafficking in the Thai sex industry and ask them to stop protecting Kenneth Ng.

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