• Petitioned Taleo.com being forced on job applicants when Taleo has repetititve errors.

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Taleo.com being forced on job applicants when Taleo has repetititve errors.

Persuade employers using Taleo to stop.

    1. James Hoffman
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      James Hoffman

      Fremont, CA

When you are forced to use Taleo to apply for a job, you are also forced to put the year of graduation. Sometimes the college you attended isn't on Taleo's list of schools, or your major is not listed. Chronological dates on your resume end up jumbled. Attempts to discuss this with Taleo were unresolved. Taleo does not seem to be managed by individuals who know and are willing to abide by fair labor hiring practices; thus creating a severe disadvantage to many job appicants. Taleo for several years has done nothing to remedy the bugs in their resume content parsing system. Infuriated and frustrated applicants (even those with higher degrees) end up being prevented from being able to apply for currently advertised job postings. Attempts to appy directly to a company puts the job applicant in a circuitous loop that brings him or her back to Taleo's error filled application system. Automated systems simply don't work and Taleo has mislead many companies into thinking they are helping them process resumes. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION TO STOP TALEO. Taleo is based in Dublin, California.

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    • James Hoffman FREMONT, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      My unemployed friends and job seekers are prevented from getting their information in front of employers due to flaws in Taleo's system. Empoyers need to know that qualified people are unable to apply due to these flaws.


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