Support the Texas Hunger Strikers: Send a Message to Senator Hutchison
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Support the Texas Hunger Strikers: Send a Message to Senator Hutchison

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      Adam Socki

Students at The University of Texas at San Antonio will be conducting a Hunger Strike on behalf of DREAMers all over the nation. This event is to begin on November 10, 2010 at 11 am.  

Join us in our call to Senator Hutchison to provide leadership and pass the DREAM Act through any vehicle in the lame duck sessions. We are asking our political leadership, across party lines, to stand with talented, dedicated, hardworking immigrant youth.


We must do everything we can do make sure these kids have equal opportunity.

We will go hungry for Texas to be free from the oppressive forces of the Tea Pary that seek to compromise our Texas unity and prosperity.  The DREAM Act is pro-talented youth, pro-Texas, and pro-American values.

We must tell Senator Hutchison to save our state from falling prey to the shrill paranoia of the same extremists who purged her Gubernatorial campaign during the primaries.

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      Alex DiBranco
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      As you recover from your Thanksgiving meal, remember that dozens of undocumented students are literally and metaphorically starving for their DREAM to obtain a pathway to citizenship.
      It's Day 17 of the hunger strike conducted by undocumented...


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