Support Equality for DC!

Support Equality for DC!

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DC residents deserve a voice.

Congress stripped DC residents of their right to representation in Congress in 1801, leaving the issue for future leaders to sort out. Now, 212 years later, the 632,000 U.S. citizens living in the District of Columbia raise families, pay full federal taxes, serve in the military and die in wars, yet they still do not have voting representation in Congress. All the while, Congress has the power to overturn any law passed by city residents or their local elected leaders. It’s time for us to fix this injustice.

U.S. citizens in DC deserve the most basic American right: a vote in Congress.

The residents of the District of Columbia are full American citizens who pay taxes and fight and die in wars yet are denied the basic American right of representation in Congress.

I urge you to support equality for DC and help to end this injustice.

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