Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival                                                                      强烈要求玉林政府取缔惨绝人寰的玉林狗肉节
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Acting Mayor of Yulin
Wang Kai

Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival 强烈要求玉林政府取缔惨绝人寰的玉林狗肉节

    1. Hand In Hand With Asia's Animal Activists
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      Hand In Hand With Asia's Animal Activists

      Manchester, United Kingdom

Du Yufeng of Bo Ai Animal Protection Centre in Guangyuan, China has written a letter to the Mayor of Yulin, to ask that the Yulin Dog Meat Festival be stopped. We are currently supporting Du by raising money to help her build her a bigger shelter for dogs rescued from the meat trade and wanted to help her by gathering as many signatures from around the world as we can, using her original letter with her permission, to send to Mayor Han Yuanli (Mayor Han Yuanli has since been transferred so there is an acting Mayor -Wang Kai) and urge him to stop this 'festival'. Du wants the world to know about this cruel festival and asks that you contact the media in your country to tell them what is happening in Yulin. Please sign and share far and wide. Help the Chinese activists to put a stop to this. Thank you

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    • Margaret Reinders LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 year ago

      Dogs are loyal and faithful companions and can be trained for specific purposes, e.g. rescue work, helping the disabled etc. The practice of killing dogs for meat is cruel and unnecessary.

    • didi magnin BULLE, AL
      • about 1 year ago


      • about 1 year ago

      When each one truly knows his own divine nature and that all animals are no other than himself, this horrible cruelty towards the animal kingdom is seen for what it is: total madness!!! Let’s hope for this awakening and change!

    • Jennifer Zmudzinski CAPE CORAL, FL
      • about 1 year ago

      pls reopen this petition U all r doing such a wonderful job fighting 4 animal rights & stopping these poor innocent animals from being some1s next meal instead of being their life long friend till the end, this must b STOP BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, ANIMALS DESERVE A RIGHT 2 LIVE just like we do

    • Joseph Gomes WINTHROP, MA
      • about 1 year ago

      They eat the freaking dogs/cats, are they RETARDED? Don’t they rationally know how unsafe it is without any sanitary inspection procedure implemented by the Gov. When in fact scientists have revealingly determined after careful review, that an alimentation deriving from dogs & cats Meat are simply dangerous 2 nutritionally ingest? Why will they eat what’s considered as harmful nutrition, which there is ALREADY ENOUGH of it out there @ Fast Foods public Franchises being McDonald & others? Then why resort to dogs/cats for unhealthy feastings, when the FOOD CHAIN is stocked piled of it everywhere? Never in my life have I come to seen the day or simply understand such hypocritical engagements!!! These CRASY ASS SHRINGHEADS are the worse ever to surface on this earth & I have yet to know logic behind such appalling dogs/cats DEVOURERS!!!

      They need to go see a Psychiatrist to check the check what’s causing this mental block. This is a COMPLETE REJECTION TO NORMAL SOCIETY & MEANINGLESS DISREGARD TO MEN’S BEST FRIENDS. Does the world revolve around their inhuman practice, knowing it’s as close to CANIBALISM when it entails DECENSY OF SENSIBILTIY? HOW SAD THESE PEOPLE ARE 2 STOOP THIS LOW IN THE REAL WORLD & how will anyone approach such a WEIRD REVOLTING BEHAVIOR knowing they ate & still eat dogs/cats? How REPREHENSIBLY REPULSIVE, STOMACH-TURNING, REVOLTING, SICKENING? IS THIS INEXCUSAVLE & INDEFENSIBLE if the general public asks them this unheard question: DO YOU ACTUALLY EAT DOGS/CATS FOR REAL? Are they KIDDING anyone when they hesitantly or proudly ADMIT THE UNSPEAKABLE PSYCHOTIC INSECURITY? Would anybody consider this SLAUGHTER of dog’s/cats SOLELY for CONSUMPTION as plain IGNORANCE?

      Are they a bunch of emotionally affected WACKOS or just don’t know better? Are they f*cking SCREWED-UP in life, unreservedly DISGRACED or do they know something the mainstream doesn’t know? How much longer will they CARRY ON this NONSENSE? Do they have their priorities straight-in-line as MISINFORMED or are dogs/cats meat their last stand to be rehabilitated or belong in civilization? How can they look themselves in the mirror after June 21, 2013? Will they need professional help, after being labeled as dogs/cats eateries regulars? Is this shit disturbing or acceptable going forward? Am I missing something about them not having perhaps, the slightest clue of what dogs/cats bacterial meat can do their organisms after yrs. of digestion?


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