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    1. Joseph Lounsbury
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      Joseph Lounsbury

      JKJJN, Thailand

WAKE UP PEOPLE and see the EARTH is DYING much moreso in ASIA than anywhere else in the world! Did you know an average of OVER 100 species of life are going EXTINCT everyday all over Asia because of corruption in these governments (Usually dictated by MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS)  and the absence of laws to protect natural habitats from being destroyed by developers/politicians! EVERYDAY I TRY TO DO MY BEST TO CLEAN UP THE GARBAGE FROM THE BEACH AND TEACH EVERYONE WHEREVER I GO ABOUT THE VALUES OF COMPASSION AND BUDDHA"S TEACHING>  NOW i"m under investigation because my efforts to expose this corruption occuring in the home of the GREAT KING Bhumidol here in Hua HIN AND The polluted flood water in Thailand is not being cleaned up to INTERNATIONAL standards and they are draining it all into the Gulf of Thailand SLAUGHTERING MASSIVE amounts of aquatic life and in the years to come just imagine the impact this will have on your OWN health if you live in Cha-am, Pattaya or Hua hin or even further south.   Corporate Industries and factories are dumping tons of toxic waste into the Gulf of Thailand every year as well and NOBODY is watching these companies commit these illegal actions?? A COMMITTEE should be appointed to also allow the PUBLIC to research the governments corruption in water management and wild life protection starting in THAILAND. 

 Most importantly we need to unite TO end the horrific genocide of endangered species in these countries that lawmakers allow poachers and developers to stop murdering endangered species for profit under the table by corporations and poachers/rangers in these mafia operated governments! I'm starting my own grassroots organization and I've nearly died over 10 times on my struggle to save endangered lives!
-follow this link to learn how forest rangers are murdering these animals all over Thailand(in this case Kaeng Krachan), one of the largest hubs for the illegal wildlife trade in Asia.  Most of the wildlife trade conducted in part by corrupted government officials occurs on the countries bordering CHINA, which are BURMA, LAOS and VIETNAM, etc. Illegal deforestation and numerous endangered species are sought after by the chinese in particular for there ignorant beliefs of the medicinal properties these endangered species contain.  Right now I'm starting my own grass-roots organization without the help of any of these corrupted governments or NGO's to STOP the slaughter of innocent life. Humanities Enemy is MOTHER EARTH and the changes in weather will only become worse and in the end ALL life will be punished by mother nature if people don't unite and take a STAND to SAVE ENDANGERED LIFE. If you are not afraid to die to save endangered life and go on rescue missions in these third world countries please let me know immediately because I'm starting a new grassroots organization right where these wild life traders/murderers are operating. We need more than just angels to save this world in despair, we need REAL HEROES with LIVES to SPARE!

P.S.  Just so these governments understand I would rather WORK WITH YOU than against you to end the corruption in your countries government sector.  I am well aware that SOME of the rangers, police, government officials are good people and actually do care aboout doing the jobs that the people pay you to do.  It just seems like most of these government programs that actually are rewarded with the most funding are directed towards protecting the richest people in the biggest areas of development and what about the animals who have no money to pay in taxes or a voice to fight for there equal rights, what do they have for protection?  Me?  I'm only one man, so I beg of you if you have any compassion in your heart for the cycle of life to please start funding more programs to protect these natural habitats and endangered species by paying more rangers and officials with a higher salary so they don't need money under the table from the illegal wildlife industry to do the jobs they are paid to do.  I am starting a group that will go on patrols in the forest if your government is understaffed or underpaid to do this themselves and I'm not WORKING in any of your countries for profit, this is a non profit opportunity for all people in and outside of the country to protect nature for FREE and you don't need to pay any of us to save lives because SOME people have something called a heart and even a few of us have compassion, so I hope one day you can discover that within yourself as well, but first you must detoxify yourself from the greed and corruption that is destroying your own life before you can recognize the corruption in your government officials which is spreading like a water/airborne bacteria infection spreading from the sewage infested flood water to the skies in this dilapidated cycle of life!  


Joseph Lounsbury


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  2. YESTERDAY , Thailand appointed an Anti-corruption review board open NOW!

    Joseph Lounsbury
    Petition Organizer

    This is a great start for the government of Thailand to allow its citizens to form watchdog groups on corporate and government sector corruption. I guess somebody on the inside is watching me as I thought, hopefully I will survive long enough to see a positive outcome of this! I HOPE the thai government will allow the public access However, the government has so far failed to respond to the group. Among suggestions that the ACN submitted was a call for the government to disclose information to the public clearly on procurements so that every section of society can monitor the government's actions. We will see what kind of trend this starts. PLEASE POST THIS PETITION FOR YOUR FRIENDS TO SIGN BEFORE ITS TOO LATE TO MAKE A CHANGE!

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  4. These are a few videos of me in Asia that have not been BLOCKED by ThaiGov

    Joseph Lounsbury
    Petition Organizer

    It exposes the truth, I will update the subtitles when I speak in thai with the officials and fishermen in phuket, THAILANDS RICHEST ISLAND and least protected marine habitat.. Many videos I've kept in my apartment in thailand were STOLEN while I was in the USA for 2 months during the floods. Strangely only the tapes and evidence of corruption were stolen from my home...

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