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STOP the Deportation of Diogenes Espinal-- a young father & husband.
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STOP the Deportation of Diogenes Espinal-- a young father & husband.

    1. Stephany Garcia
    2. Petition by

      Stephany Garcia

      Boynton Beach, FL

Diogenes, a lawful permanent resident and the father of two (2) United States citizen children, faces removal from the United States for an arrest from over several years ago -- a mistake he made when he was barely twenty-one years old and from which he has rehabilitated and learned a great deal.

Diogenes came to the United States as a lawful permanent resident from the Dominican Republic when he was only six (6) years old. He has lived in the United States for nearly his entire life -- graduating from elementary, middle, and high school here. The United States is the only home he knows. He has virtually no family left in the Dominican Republic – his parents are both permanent residents, living in the U.S., three (3) of his siblings are U.S citizens, while the other two (2) are permanent residents, all living here in the U.S.

Diogenes is married to Jeanette, a soon-to-be U.S. citizen who has lived in the U.S. since she was a baby. Together, they have two beautiful boys: Geovanni, who is eight (8) years old; and Jonathan, who is five (5) years old. Their family depends entirely on Diogenes for love and support. Geovanni, their oldest son, suffers from severe asthma and must regularly use a nebulizer. Diogenes and Luz work as a team to provide their children with the attention they need. Since his children’s birth, Diogenes has focused all his attention and efforts on caring for them and making sure they grow up to be hard-working, honorable young men. He provides for his family, financially and emotionally. Without him at her side, Jeanette would certainly face grave hardship raising their two boys alone.

When Diogenes was a very young man, he made one bad decision which continues to haunt him to this day. At twenty-one, he was arrested for the first and only time in his life. Since that day, Diogenes has learned from his mistakes, changed his life, and been a law-abiding man; the kind of man he wants his boys to grow up to be. Denying him the opportunity to stay in this country, the only home he knows, because of a foolish mistake he made at a young age would be devastating to him, but more importantly to his children. In 2011, more than one-third of American children were growing up without their father, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. There is no doubt that these children will be devastated and suffer greatly if Diogenes is forced to leave. Having a father around has been linked to important developments in a child’s physical, emotional, and behavioral health.  

If forced to leave the United States to the Dominican Republic, Diogenes will not be able to provide for his family. His children will be left without their father figure and, if forced to move with him, they too will be in a country they’ve never called home.

Diogenes currently faces imminent removal. He faces returning to a country he barely even remembers; a country he has no family ties to.

After you have signed, please take a Moment to Call DHS Office of Chief Counsel in New York, NY, Chief Counsel, Wen-Ting Cheng, (212) 264-5916; Director of ICE: John Morton, (202) 732-3000; Internal Affairs, Nicole Nava, (786) 387-8230. Say: "Hi, I am calling to ask you to exercise discretion under the John Morton memo and terminate Diogenes Espinal's removal proceedings. His A# is A044-128-577. Thank you very much."




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    • linda lopez RAYCITY, GA
      • 11 months ago

      no woman or child should have to face this over something that happen yrs ago !! it is tough being a single mother to 4 kids so i cn only imagine with two children who have never been without their father!! let the family be happy !!!

    • Laura Diaz CHICAGO, IL
      • 12 months ago

      Keep families together.

    • Jerry Costley CENTERVILLE, UT
      • about 1 year ago

      I have worked in a prison. I know that people can and do change and that one past mistake should not result in such horrific consequences. Moreover I and I am certain everyone in this country has needed a second chance for some mistake they have made.

      • about 1 year ago

      OK !!

    • Peter Trier HOPKINS, MN
      • about 1 year ago

      this is an illegal alien. his petition is not acceptable to me unless he goes through what my family has gone through in order to come here LEGALLY. my daughter has had to go to school two more years in China due to delays by illegal immigration clogging the system! a petition that should have taken 3 months for the family of a US CITIZEN has been delayed for 17 months. NO this man is here illegally and has had YEARS to correct that problem. If he is married to an American citizen and has Children then he can file for legal petition and have a visa in less than 30 days. This movement helps NO ONE but the individual. It hurts THOUSANDS of legal immigrants in the process.


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