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Stop Stupak!

    1. Lisa York Cox
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      Lisa York Cox

      Huntsville, AL


Finally our representatives in Washington D.C. are able to do something this country has desperately needed for decades, reform healthcare.  However, Representative Bart Stupak wants to kidnap the healthcare reform bill and hold it for ransom.  He and his anti-choice associates plan to stop this landmark bill with a bill of their own that would take away a woman's right to have her abortion expenses covered under her own private health insurance policy.  If the Stupak bill is voted into law, it will undo decades of progress in women’s healthcare as well as in reproductive rights.  These attacks on women's reproductive rights must STOP!  Please tell our representatives in Washington D.C. that health care that ignores women's issues is not healthcare for ALL.   We need health care reform desperately, but not at the expense of women.


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