STOP Obama from destroying our oceans, say no to drilling!
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STOP Obama from destroying our oceans, say no to drilling!

    1. Ceci M
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      Ceci M

      FL City, FL

Shaking up years of energy policy and his own environmental backers, President Barack Obama threw open a huge swath of East Coast waters and other protected areas in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico to drilling Wednesday, widening the politically explosive hunt for more homegrown oil and gas.

Obama's move allows drilling from Delaware to central Florida, plus the northern waters of Alaska, and exploration could begin 50 miles off the coast of Virginia by 2012. He also wants Congress to lift a drilling ban in the oil-rich eastern Gulf of Mexico, 125 miles from Florida beaches.

Please, take just a moment to sign, we cannot allow this to happen!

Your grateful friend,


P.S. If you have an extra minute, please sign FDL's petition as well, it's very good and we need to take action as many different ways as possible.  Thank you!!!

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