STOP high-rise & inappropriate development at Yaroomba/Mt Coolum, Sunshine Coast
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STOP high-rise & inappropriate development at Yaroomba/Mt Coolum, Sunshine Coast

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      Save Yaroomba, Coolum Beach


A proposal has recently been announced for a large retail and commercial development in the Yaroomba and Mount Coolum region of the Sunshine Coast.  The proposal includes high-rise beachfront apartments, a casino and a theme park.

The proposal is not in keeping with the Town Plan for this area.  As the subject land is surrounded by low-riselow-key and low-impact development, then any development like the one proposed would have an adverse affect on this region both visually, audibly and environmentally.

Yaroomba and Mt Coolum including its National Park is an area of natural beauty, low-impact, low-key and thoughtful lifestyle.  It is not an area that should be exploited for brash monetary gain via casinos and theme parks.  Nor should it be open to commercial development at the sake of the environment, wildlife and lifestyle. 
The essence of this region is to escape these human-made distractions.  Cities and the likes of the Gold Coast adequately provide these facilities.

We oppose:
- any proposal for a structure higher than 3 storeys
- any proposal affecting the Yaroomba foreshore and parabolic dunes
- any proposal which would impact audibly and visually on all surrounding residents, in particular a theme park and high-rise buildings
- any proposal that is disharmonious with the natural environment and cultural lifestyle of the region

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    • greg yip AUSTRALIA
      • 6 months ago

      this area is pristine and rare and natural .I surf here I fish and go snorkelling here and run up this beach .Locals don't want this part of the sunshine coast form the maroochyddore river to noosa headlands should be kept without high rises especially on beach front areas that's why everyone comes to the sunshine coast to get away form such places like the gold coast and see the natural views and beauty of the sunshine coast as it is ..please don't do this....

      • 6 months ago

      People come from all over the world because we do not have high rises, also it will impact on the environment, our coast line is pressious and added people to the area we are talking about will have an impact on all aspects of the coast, roads, sewage, errosion. Corperations can say it wil not impact, well look at the goldcoast homes whos yards are being washed away from weather and they want council to pay to rebuild there yards, so who do you think will ultermatly pays. We do its part of our rates

    • Shane Parkinson AUSTRALIA
      • 6 months ago

      why doesn't he just make this monstrosity in Mooloolaba or Maroochydore?

    • Sean Donovan AUSTRALIA
      • 8 months ago

      Don"t want this place to be another Gold Coast.

    • Ripin Abas AUSTRALIA
      • 8 months ago

      This are already too many buildings in this area. There are other areas which can do with some development like this. What about central Australia, Alice Springs etc?


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