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Stop excluding home care aides from minimum wage and overtime!
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Special Assistant to the President for Disability Policy
Kareem Dale
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Martha Coven
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Cecelia Munoz
White House Chief of Staff
Jacob Lew
Deputy Director for Management, OMB
Jeffrey Zients
United States Secretary of Labor
Hilda Solis
Special Assistant to the President on Labor and Workforce Policy
Portia Wu
White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy
Nancy-Ann DeParle

Stop excluding home care aides from minimum wage and overtime!

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      Direct Care Alliance

On December 15, 2011, President Obama announced a plan to extend federal minimum wage and overtime protections to home care workers as part of his "We Can’t Wait" program.

One year later, WE'RE STILL WAITING.

Home care workers assist older Americans and people with disabilities with activities critical to their safety and quality of life, yet 50% of these workers rely on public assistance in order to meet their own basic needs. 

President Obama, KEEP YOUR PROMISE to home care workers and carry these long-overdue minimum wage and overtime reforms across the finish line today.

Home care agencies are enjoying billions in profits while these workers struggle to make ends meet.


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