Ensure Sellers do not avoid tariff and have business liability
  • Petitioning Stop China direct to Consumer Dumping on Ebay and Amazon

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Stop China direct to Consumer Dumping on Ebay and Amazon

Ensure Sellers do not avoid tariff and have business liability

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      S Malm

      Los Angeles, CA

China is undercutting good US Businesses by paying reduced postage, encouraging tariffs not to be paid, and not paying any business expenses in the US other than minimal Ebay and Amazon seller’s fees. These products are often inferior and unsafe, and the companies are not required to be registered in the US in any way, pay for business licenses, and they do not have product liability in the US. Online sales sites, specifically Ebay and Amazon, turn their heads to this because they still make their fees on any sales.

The simple fact is that US retailers sell and will need to continue to sell a mass of products made in China in certain product categories. Items such as electronics, small accessories, batteries, cellular phones, and lighting are not cost effective to build in the US. When US Retailers buy product in bulk, much of the profit potential is removed from the Chinese economy and added to the US economy, meaning consumer sales dollars are invested in a US Company and not directly to China. The US Company feeds the economy through tariff, transportation, domestic employment, retail and warehouse locations, advertising, insurance, and every other business associated expense in the US that supports the sale of said product by the existence of the US Company.

When a US Retailer sells a product manufactured in China, they encourage a better product and generally represent that product and product liability. Chinese products are often inferior, and US Retailers provide quality control between the manufacturer and the consumer. US Retailers are responsible to ensure only safe products are sold to consumers and must pay all associated costs for this. Direct from China sellers have no responsibility for product quality, product safety, and in general carry no liability insurance in the US.

It costs less to ship a small product direct from China to a US Consumer than it does for a US Retailer to ship it to a US Consumer. Due to agreements between overseas postal services, and the United States Post Office, the cost to ship from overseas via Parcel Service is extremely low. The United States Post Office loses revenue by only charging pennies to deliver any small package shipped directly from overseas. Conversely, the cost to ship product from the US to China is many times higher.

When consumers buy direct from China on Ebay and Amazon, no tariffs are being collected. China sellers fraudulently ship millions of small packages to the United States as “gifts”, or with false significantly lower value. US Customs does not collect tariff on small packages, so millions of dollars are lost in United States trade revenue. When US Retailers buy product from China, they are required to pay higher shipping costs because they do not fall into the United State Post Office low overseas cost loophole. Medium size shipping in general is by private carriers (FedEx, DHL) which are often US owned and further add revenue to the US Economy. Tariffs on larger boxes are more easily tracked and collected and US Retailers further help the US economy. In categories where US Manufactures can complete, direct from China sales also drastically undercut their selling potential.

What we can do:

• Do not support direct from China sellers on Ebay, Amazon, or similar vehicles by purchasing products direct from China products.

• Do not support Ebay, Amazon, and similar vehicles by buying products they list that are shipped directly from China.

• Bring notice of this type of China product dumping to our Congressional Representatives, Senators and the Federal Trade Commission (ftc.gov) by sending emails, letters, and links to this petition.

• Encourage equal tariff is collected for all products imported into the United States whether big or small

• Encourage Ebay, Amazon, and similar vehicles to add policies to prevent China sellers from dumping product and avoiding tariff and liability to US Consumers while at the same time undercutting US Sellers pricing.

• Support US Sellers with both Online and Retail Location purchases.

• Spread the word of this issue and this petition by email, forums, or social media.

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    • Shehzad Jiwani CARROLLTON, TX
      • 5 days ago

      I am an eBay powerseller and have been noticing that most every search result on eBay.com is filled with Chinese sellers who are majorly undercutting every American seller in every way.

      Chinese sellers should be removed from eBay.com and be placed on their own site (eBay.china or whatever).

      The current situation is directly detrimental to the US economy considering how large eBay is.

      • 23 days ago

      I am pro tariffs and believe in supporting our local economy first and foremost before helping everyone else. This should decrease a lot if the corporate greed we are seeing in the US by having corporations pay US taxes. Why should they have to pay less taxes? We all have to pay the same taxes so why should they be any different?

      • about 1 month ago

      I want to have a business selling costumes on Ebay, but cannot compete with the Chinese because they get materials so much cheaper and have shipping deals with USPS

    • Reagan Young MCEWEN, TN
      • 3 months ago

      Everyone should know of these egregious acts of fraud so that they might be stopped.

    • Troy Hillis PHOENIX, AZ
      • 3 months ago

      I was ripped off at least 4 time on ebay, by Chinese sellers, that never sent the items I paid for.And more then one that sold me junk.


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