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State Senator Liz Krueger: New Yorkers Support the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA)

    1. Petition by

      Joseph Guest

      Rochester, NY

This legislation would legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana under state law along lines similar to the state’s current system regulating alcohol, and would represent a new approach for New York State after decades of costly, counterproductive policies that have produced racially discriminatory outcomes.

In brief, the bill:

  • -Removes penalties for possession of 2 ounces of marijuana or less;
  • -Makes 18 the minimum legal age for marijuana possession and consumption;
  • -Establishes that smoking marijuana in public and possession of marijuana by persons under the age of 18 are violations;
  • -Allows for home cultivation of up to six marijuana plants;
  • -Empowers the State Liquor Authority to grant licenses for marijuana production, transport and retail sale;
  • -Prohibits sale of marijuana to persons under 21;
  • -Allows communities to opt out of retail sale for off-premises consumption through a referendum process similar to what is now in place for alcohol sales;
  • -Allows communities to opt in to allow retail sales for on-premises consumption through a vote of the local legislature, in addition to the local c
  • -Community board in the case of New York City;
  • -Establishes an excise tax of $50.00 per ounce of marijuana, and authorizes localities to charge a sales tax on retail sales; and
  • -Directs a portion of the state tax revenue collected to be directed to re-entry programs, substance abuse programs, and job training programs in low-income, high-unemployment communities.

-From LizKrueger.com

Recent signatures


    1. Over 300 signatures in two days and MRTA moves to a Committee!

      Joseph Guest
      Petition Organizer

      So MRTA went through the Revisions Board successfully and has been committed to the Committee of Health. This is an important time for supporters to come forward, because the committee has the power to delay this act indefinitely, or approve it and send it to the Senate for a vote.

      So far, I'm very impressed with how fast we've built momentum. We're averaging over 150 signatures a day right now! And we need to keep it up! Share on Facebook, on Twitter, on Reddit, and any other site that you use.

      Here's a shortened url for Twitter: http://chn.ge/1iPUgRW and don't forget to include #MRTA and #LegalizeNY.

      With everyone's help we can see this thing through to the end.

    2. Reached 250 signatures
    3. Decision-maker James Skoufis responds:

      James Skoufis

      Dear Constituent,

      Thank you very much for your advocacy and petition on this issue. Last year, I supported and voted for legislation allowing for the legalization of medical marijuana and, like you, believe police attention and resour...

    4. Reached 100 signatures
    5. Make sure to contact your representatives!

      Joseph Guest
      Petition Organizer

      Here is a link that will let you connect with your representative from both the Senate and the Assembly. MAKE SURE TO CONTACT THEM. Write them a letter, send them an email, call them on the phone. We need to let New York State know that we're serious!

      Find Your Elected Representative

      The NYS Board of Elections will assist you in identifying your local state Senator, Assembly member or member of Congress. By simply providing the information requested, you will be able to obtain the name of your elected officials and their district number.

    6. Reached 50 signatures
    7. Starting Up

      Joseph Guest
      Petition Organizer

      There have been other petitions in the past that supported legalization in New York that unfortunately never made any progress. They were often too generic, and usually targeted the wrong people. This petition is to support a bill that was put forth by Sen. Liz Krueger on December 11th, 2013. The hope is that Sen. Krueger will be able to show her colleagues that she has support from the public, from the voters in their districts, and that the legislature will take its people seriously. Thanks to each and every one of you that shows support. If you truly support MRTA then share this as much as you can. Make sure people are aware of what's happening so we can see some real change!


    Reasons for signing

    • michael kubler MASSAPEQUA, NY
      • 16 days ago

      the laws are unjust and need to change

    • Codee Carlisle HUDSON FALLS, NY
      • 20 days ago


    • Sandy Mason STUDIO CITY, CA
      • 20 days ago

      Because this should be federally legal

    • Thomas Ambrose LOCKPORT, NY
      • about 1 month ago

      it takes away the pain, i had 2brain surgerys a plate in my throat, back surgery,,, pain pills don't work anymore, shot's don't work. what else can i do for pain? i have try it and it work. so i support the marijiuana...

    • anthony russo 11554, NY
      • 2 months ago

      because i love to smoke weed


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