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State of Florida, Baker County Courts, DCF

Return Reagan Taylor to her parents where she belongs

    1. Shauna Taylor
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      Shauna Taylor

      macclenny, FL

Reagan was taken by DCF after numerous people on Facebook for no reason except to create trouble contacted the hospital she was admitted in and DCF alleging her mother was poisoning and abusing her. No doctors or nurses ever had any concerns she was a 25 weeker born at 1lb 15oz and was now 4 months old. DCF still opened an investigation because of the mounting numbers of calls from people that do not even know the family. Reagan was in the hospital for FTT and refusing to eat after a swallow study this entire time, she was admitted 3-16-2013, after four days of fluid and fluid bolus on 3-20-13 she had gained over a pound and was swollen, she developed ascites and her liver levels were high, a sign of lack of protein by all research! Her albumin levels were 2.4 which is low but her norm if a doctor would have ever looked at her NICU records, she was given an albumin infusion which binds to Iron and increases serum iron values. Because DCF had been called even though no doctors had concerns a CPT (child protection team consisting of a nurse practitioner) was put in place ordering numerous invasive and painful tests in an attempt to prove Reagans mother had done something to her. All they came back with was her serum iron level was 2points above the high side of normal which albumin infusions will do according to literature and research ( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2782804/ ) so they decided to allege to the judge that Reagan was taken to the hospital on 3-20-2013 and admitted with liver failure and iron poisoning, when the facts are she was admitted 3-16-2013 with FTT and feeding issues and four days later while admitted and under doctors care she developed ascites and a fatty liver which research shows can be caused by low protein. Her serum protein levels were in fact low (3.6gm/dL) and her Anion Gap was in fact low to normal at 7 mEq/L .... this is important because had Reagan been poisoned by Iron her Anion Gap would be positive and elevated. Lets get baby Reagan home where she belongs! Furthermore the judge has issued a no contact order between the family and Reagan because the state is holding strong to their story that she was admitted to the hospital on 3-20-2013 with liver failure and iron poisoning and the mother has not been given a chance to defend her case or give the judge evidence in the case, she is told her day to present her day will come. In the mean time the best interest of Reagan is not to be kept from her family who loves her behind the mistruths of DCF to the family law judge in Baker County, Florida

State of Florida, Baker County Courts, DCF
Return Reagan Taylor to her parents where she belongs

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    • Polly Anna -, IN
      • 8 months ago

      She's been arrested on 80 counts of fraud and theft. Look her up people. Simply google her name!!!!!!!

    • Lisa Adkins RADCLIFF, KY
      • 10 months ago

      Does this really sound like someone that deserves to get her kids back? Besides the pain she has caused them here is a update on what a mom she is.......http://bakercountypress.com/?s=shauna+taylor

    • clifford carraher LLANO, TX
      • about 1 year ago

      cps is always important to me cause they are semi-legal terrorist.

      • about 1 year ago

      Shauna loves her daughter. Reagan needs her monny. Especially during her illness. Because of facebook harrassment she lost her baby. Are you serious???? Shauna is a great mommy. Please return Reagan home where she belongs!!!!!

    • Janie Jones LEXMARK, AK
      • about 1 year ago

      she's duped everyone. DO YOUR RESEARCH PEOPLE


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