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Donation cans for pro-equality organizations on Starbucks Appreciation Day

    1. Sarah Ogden
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      Sarah Ogden

      Springville, UT

As a response to the recent Chick-Fil-A support for their donations to anti-gay organizations, a group has been started to support Starbucks for its pro-gay marriage stance.

The support for Starbucks' stance will bring in many to the business who would likely also to donate to organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign. This petition asks for Starbucks to further show its support of the LGBT community by placing donation cans for pro-equality organizations. This will allow for those of us who support marriage equality to support a pro-gay business and donate to LGBT causes at one time. Rather than just consuming as those at Chick-Fil-A did, we hope to expand our support by encouraging donations to causes we believe in.

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