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Restore Health services to Millicent Hospital and support our GPs.
  • Petitioned Jay Weatherill

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Premier of South Australia
Jay Weatherill

Restore Health services to Millicent Hospital and support our GPs.

    1. Deb Kirby
    2. Petition by

      Deb Kirby

      Millicent SA, Australia

There are many members of the Millicent community who are angry with the decisions that have been made, affecting our hospital, our doctors, our nurses, and every resident who requires health care.
No one likes to be lied to. We have come to expect politicians to stretch the truth, because it happens so often, but we have been blatantly and disgracefully lied to by Country Health SA and the current government.
Our disgust with this government, and its lies, will not be forgotten. In the mean time, fix our community's health issues, support our GPs and return our services now!

Jay Weatherill, Premier of South Australia
Restore Health services to Millicent Hospital and support our GPs.

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    1. Very Good News!

      Deb Kirby
      Petition Organizer

      Wattle Range Now are reporting that Country Health SA have backed down on their original plans, and are prepared to re-enter into negotiations with the Millicent doctors. Read the full article on the link below. Here's hoping we hear some more rational and sensible decisions from CHSA.

      Breaking News - Obstetric negotiations re-opened

      Medical Clinic Millicent release statement after Public Meeting to save hospital services on July 31st 2013. Statement released to the media by the Partners of the Medical Clinic for 5THE FM & ...

    2. Details of the Public Meeting

      Deb Kirby
      Petition Organizer

      For those who were unable to attend, Wattle Range Now have reported, in more detail, on the public meeting held last week, as well as the main points from speakers, questions from the floor, and the motions that were carried.

      A comprehensive coverage of the public meeting

      by S Lowe for 5THE FM's newsonline wattlerangenow Photos by Belinda Elton The Public Meeting, July 31st to save our hospital services attracted 650 people from Millicent, Penola and the surrounding district, filling the Millicent Civic Centre to capacity.

    3. An overview of last night's public meeting

      Deb Kirby
      Petition Organizer
      Commitment to reinstate obstetric services at Millicent Hospital

      A commitment to reinstate obstetric services at Millicent Hospital was given to almost 600 people at a public meeting in Millicent last night. The announcement by Shadow Health Minister Rob Lucas was met by warm applause at the health services protest meeting called by Wattle Range Council Mayor Peter Gandolfi.

    4. Please continue to show your support...

      Deb Kirby
      Petition Organizer

      Our GPs and nursing staff want obstetric services to continue at Millicent Hospital. Everyone needs to read this story:

      The community is our only hope - editorial

      Dr James Bushell 17 years obstetrics at the Millicent Hospital and wants to continue. by S Lowe 5 THE FM's newsonline wattlerangenow All Obstetric Services between Murray Bridge and Mt Gambier have been closed now with the recent announcement by Country Health SA, confirming the closure of Millicent obstetric services; a total of 341kms between services.

    5. Public Meeting Program

      Deb Kirby
      Petition Organizer

      Please look at the program for Wednesday night's public meeting. Hope to see as many as possible there!

      Public Meeting Program

      The program for the Public Meeting, this Wednesday 31st July, has just been released by Mayor Peter Gandolfi Wattle Range Council. Mr Gandolfi said that the program is subject to change but the following speakers are expected to address the meeting.

    6. Member for MacKillop, Mitch Williams addressed state parliament today

      Deb Kirby
      Petition Organizer
      Member for MacKillop takes hometown fight to State Parliament

      Member for MacKillop Mitch Williams MP addressed State Parliament today about the loss of hospital services in his hometown of Millicent and right across his electorate. Country Health SA advised the public this month that obstetric services would no longer be available from the Millicent Hospital.

    7. Public Meeting reminder

      Deb Kirby
      Petition Organizer

      Please make an effort to attend. 7pm on Wednesday 31st July at the Millicent Civic & Arts Centre. More news tomorrow on likely stakeholders who will be present and naming those who won't make the effort! Stay tuned...

    8. Reached 1,000 signatures
    9. 848 people sign petition!

      Deb Kirby
      Petition Organizer

      I am pleased to announce that 848 people have now signed this petition. I had put down that we would like to reach 1000 names, but not really expecting it. We now only need another 152 names to reach the target.
      So many of you have commented too, and it is clear that this is a passionate cause, that there are significant concerns about the reduction of services here in Millicent.
      There public meeting is planned for 31st July, 7pm at the Millicent Civic & Arts Centre. Hope to see as many there as possible.
      Thank you for your support!

    10. Reached 750 signatures
    11. Public Meeting

      Deb Kirby
      Petition Organizer

      A Public Meeting is to be held at the Millicent Civic and Arts Centre
      on July 31st at 7pm.
      Here is another opportunity to show your support for our hospital services. Invitations have been issued to both Government & Shadow Health Ministers, as well as other key stakeholders.
      Please come along.
      This meeting is authorised by Sheryl Lowe and she can be contacted for further information on 0400 290 664

    12. Amazing support

      Deb Kirby
      Petition Organizer

      Over a 1000 people have liked our facebook page and shared their support, while we have over 500 signatures on the petition. A public meeting is now planned for 31/7/13 at the Civic & Arts Centre ( yet to be confirmed). We now have a copy of Country Health SA's plans for Millicent - very different to what was told. I think we need to continue to show strength in numbers, and prove that we will not tolerate deceit, nor the loss of services. It's time we stood as a strong community!

    13. Reached 500 signatures
    14. Social media

      Deb Kirby
      Petition Organizer

      We now have a Facebook page @help save health services at Millicent SA.

    15. Reached 100 signatures
    16. Reached 10 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Rebecca Telfer AUSTRALIA
      • 11 months ago

      In Queensland, women with low risk pregnancies have proved that it is safe to birth in midwifery-led units. 24 hour medical cover need not be a reason to deny women birth care that is close to home.

    • Coral Wimshurst AUSTRALIA
      • 12 months ago

      I'm a regular stayer at the Hospital and I don't think that any thing should change. It seems to me that they just spend money on stupid ovals,bridges,roads,bike lanes in Adelaide but it stops when you hit Murray Bridge.

    • jo fechner ANGASTON, AUSTRALIA
      • 12 months ago

      I work for Barossa Health as RNRM & Theatre & we are having issues with retaining midwives who are multiskilled & the big imposition of providing 24hr ot staff of whom are required to do 11 to 14 24hr call periods a month wether you are full or part time

    • Heather Osborne AUSTRALIA
      • 12 months ago

      Other than Mount Gambier the next nearest birthing centre is one hour's drive away. This is not acceptable.

    • Graham Edwards AUSTRALIA
      • 12 months ago

      because i live in Millicent


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