Stop book offer  and profiting off the murder of 2 yr old Caylee Anthony.
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Stop book offer and profiting off the murder of 2 yr old Caylee Anthony.

    1. Jenni Gregory
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      Jenni Gregory

      Newberg, OR

Dear Simon & Schuster, I will not be buying, watching, supporting, anything to do with George, Cindy, or Casey Anthony profiting from the death of their granddaughter. Casey Anthony is a baby killer. She deserves to be in jail the rest of her life. The jury failed at convicting her of 1st degree murder. Anything to do with the selling of Caylee Marie Anthony's story to the media is disgusting. No one should be profiting off of a murder of a 2 year old little girl. Please boycott anything to do with the Anthony's profiting off of the murder of their granddaughter! ALL of my family and friends feel the same way & we are outraged that anyone would want to offer them a cool $3 million for any book deal. The fact the family is nothing but liars how could anyone take them seriously? This would just be a BOOK OF LIES! This is ridiculous & will be boycotted. Thank you for your time. PS: Never ask a liar for their side of the story... because that's ALL you'll get, THEIR side... which, by the way, is another lie

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    • c watts MARTINSVILLE, VA
      • almost 3 years ago

      This rotten, selfish, self-centered, ecstacy-addicted mother LIED to law enforcement/FBI to allow time for the evidence to rot away. She is DISGUSTING!! WE want NO MORE LIES! We STILL seek a Federal opinion on the FEDERAL LAWS SHE BROKE: Killing a Child Under 18, Killing a Family Member, Lying to investigators, Violation of Caylee's Civil Rights! Please HELP!! Sign the wonderful NEW petition at ~~ Sign by the Mid-October DEADLINE to get President Obama to review & respond--****GUARANTEED!*** We DESERVE an answer!! Please sign--it's simple: Name-Email-City-State. Boom, you've done your part; bless your heart!!/petition/try-casey-anthony-federal-court-lying-fbi-investigators/KCkZwXSD

    • Ellie Hemmerich GARLAND, TX
      • almost 3 years ago

      NO BLOOD MONEY for Casey, Lee, George, Cindy Anthony, the defense team, the jurors or any other relative should profit off of little Caylee's broken body.................... They are all greedy, unethical, unmoral, liars,con artists and cheats.....

    • Judith Bohara SAN ANTONIO, TX
      • almost 3 years ago

      There was no justice for Caylee. Now Cindy, George, and Casey are making money off her death. Not to mention the defense team. They all lied, you can't believe any of them. By the way have any of them payed any taxes on the blood money they have already made. None of them were punished for the lies they told. None of them learned anything from the death of Caylee except that they can make blood money off her. They are all disgusting evil creatures. None of them will ever see her again. George thought about taking his own life so he can go be with Caylee. Go ahead George ---you'll go straight to hell. We all know where Caylee went. You all will never meet up with her again. I am so tired of them having their hands out making money off her death. She is in a beautiful place now, none of you deserved her. To sum it up---it was a family of evil raising an angel. STOP THESE LYING SCAMMER"S FROM PROFITING OFF THE THE DEATH OF CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY.

    • Mary-Etta Hinkle MILTON,, FL
      • almost 3 years ago

      Why publishing companies do not have more moral turpitude than these publishing companies do is troubling to me. There should be laws that would fine anyone heavily who would ever publish books BY MURDERING MOTHERS.

    • Michelle Steil CEDAR RAPIDS, IA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Anyone who pays THAT woman money or makes money off of this sad, pathetic story is lower then the scum of the earth!


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