Reinstate the Lt. Kent Withers Slaughter Medal
  • Petitioned Shelia Gorski, Helen Marshal, Jeffiron Aubry, Julissa Ferreras

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Principal P.S. 143, Borough Pres. NYS Assembly
Shelia Gorski, Helen Marshal, Jeffiron Aubry, Julissa Ferreras

Reinstate the Lt. Kent Withers Slaughter Medal

    1. Carol Drew-Peeples
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      Carol Drew-Peeples

      Blythewood,, SC

Kent Withers Slaughter attended P.S. 143 and was an honor student during his years at the school. He later became a test/fighter pilot with the United States Air Force and was tragically killed during a testing exercise in 1960. Prior to his duty with the Strategic Air Command (SAC), Lt. Slaughter received a commission to and graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1957.
After his death in February of 1960, , Public School 143, Queens awarded students of merit with the Lt. Kent Slaughter medal. This medal is no longer awarded to students and has been replaced with a medal in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King. While there is, or course, no objection to students receiving an award that bears Dr. King's name it should not be in-lieu of an honor that bears the name of someone who attended P.S. 143 and who died an honorable death in service to not only his country but to his community of Corona as well. The medal and Lt. Slaughter are a noble part of the school’s history and should not be forgotten.
We therefore, request that the Lt. Kent Withers Slaughter Medal be reinstate so that the school’s history remains intact and so that Kent Slaughter’s legacy is remembered for generations to come.

We further request that the school's auditorium bear Lt. Kent Withers Slaughter's name.

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    • Margaret Benitez WOODSIDE, NY
      • 11 months ago

      I can't believe I came across this information, I am a science teacher who will start teaching this September at P.S 143 and I am fascinated by this story. I am more than willing to help in any way possible to see Kent Slaughter legacy remembered and respected. This is just the beginning...

    • Leslie Curley FAR ROCKAWAY, NY
      • about 1 year ago

      My brother Clarence won this award in 1964. Lance Slaughter was in my class, and Elizabeth Slaughter was my monitor and my first crush!

    • darryl gray SILVER SPRING, MD
      • about 2 years ago

      I think this is an important part of E Elm/ Corona history that should be preserved.

      Respectfully submitted

      Darryl Gray, MD, ScD, FAHA

    • Stephanie Bostic EDGEWATER, NJ
      • about 2 years ago

      I attended P.S. 143 and remember what the Lt. Kent Slaughter Award meant our school. We must preserve and protect this legacy and keep “our” history intact.

    • C L Phipps EAST ELMHURST, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      America never valued our history, our triumphs or our heroes including Martin Luther King, so we have to...! While it’s become very trendy to honor Dr. King’s memory, that is wonderful and it is progress... we shouldn’t revere the memory of one hero at the expense of others. Let’s remember all our heroes. Public School 143 should reinstate the Lt. Kent Withers Slaughter Medal; in addition, the school’s auditorium should bear Lt. Kent Withers Slaughter’s name.


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