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  • Petitioned Shelbyville,TN Police Department

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Shelbyville,TN Police Department

investigate unexplained death

    1. Jenni Lovsey
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      Jenni Lovsey

      mt.olive, IL

On November 10,2011, Kylynn was dropped off with her mom at home happy and healthy, a few hours later she would die while in the care of her grandmother, Rebecca White. Despite the autopsy revealing that she died from blunt force trauma to the head and this being a very young child, Shelbyville Police department has not done anything to properly investigate her death. Phone calls to Shelbyville PD yield little more than excuses and foot dragging as to why they still after a year have not made any arrest in the case much less investigated this case properly. Please sign and help bring justice for Kylynn and her family.

Shelbyville,TN Police Department
investigate unexplained death

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