Bring back Willow Run non-dairy margarine
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Bring back Willow Run non-dairy margarine

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      Amelia Y.

      Streetsboro, United States

I was diagnosed with a dairy allergy twenty years ago, and ever since I have been using Shedd's Willow Run stick margarine as my butter of choice. No one ever noticed that it was a non-dairy butter because it tasted the same as a dairy margarine to everyone. Served in a stick, it was great for baking and cooking, and because it could be frozen it transported well when I needed to take it on the go. In fact, quite a few people preferred Willow Run to the dairy butters available on the table at family gatherings. The great thing about Willow Run margarine was that you didn't have to go to a speciality store to buy it, as it was available at big name chain stores such as Meijer, so anyone could use it for any recipe they were making. Just recently Shedd's (who also makes Country Crock, a product of Unilever United States) discountinued the product with no warning or announcement.

I'm not the only one who will feel deprived by the loss of this great baking butter, as anyone who knows someone or personally has a dairy allergy or is lactose intolerance can sympathize with this change. According to a USA Today article, over half the population has some sort of intolerance to milk. Doing a simple Google search also yielded recommendations from vegans who rave about this butter. So I encourage you to sign this petition to let Shedd's know that we want our butter back. You can also call Shedd's at 1-800-579-3663 and/or Unilever at 1-800-298-5018 and let them know you want Willow Run back in production.

Shedd's, 1-800-579-3663
Please bring back Willow Run non-dairy margarine. People who are lactose intolerant, vegans, and allergic to dairy relied and depended on your product for their daily dietary needs. We feel your product is a necessary, desired, and well-used commodity that needs to be returned to store shelves.

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    • Robert Y FARMINGTON, MI
      • over 1 year ago

      Soybeans are awesome!

    • Brian Leist FAIRVIEW PARK, OH
      • over 1 year ago

      My friends with food allergies use this product.

      • over 1 year ago

      I've relied on this butter for years, and was upset when I found out it was discountinued. Please bring it back.


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