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Reunite Our Family

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Sen. Saxby Chambliss, Georgia
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    • Max Waller PACOIMA, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      With better and humane security this situation can be minimized. I have done security in the US Army and private security guard work and it is always best to try to treat people with dignity.

      • over 3 years ago

      Chris: Marry Mayra and she can apply for a waiver based on your hardship! It is tough to win because you have to show that you will suffer more than most people put through this horrible and unjust system.

      Good luck!

      • over 3 years ago

      Myra is a nice girl who is trying to do the right thing, and she is now being punished for something she had no fault, she had no saying, and it was beyond her control.

      This is happening to her because she is making the effort to do the right thing and she submitted papers directly to immigrations and she volunteered her wrong doing of not rebelling to her parents as a child. Unfortunately it has now come to the point that who does wrong and keeps doing it gets rewarded. I know of an illegal who has been thrown in jail not once but three times, and he is still here. He is even fighting for his divorce and custody of his child, the mother US citizen with no criminal record, and somehow he knows how to work the system, he goes in and out the court and police station, with no shame or fear of being deported.

      That is the unfairness of the system. Oh, but the law does not mess with "human rights", a childs custody may be given to an illegal because "he has rights", and I ask, where are Myra's rights? A person with no criminal records gets punished for as I mentioned, something beyond her control. A College graduate, a kind, loving girl. I completely understand what Myra must be feeling, I married an American Citizen and suffered being apart due to the legal system.

      Myra is a good, kind and compassionate human being with strong high values, she deserves the right to a fresh start of freedom, she deserves to be able to continue with her plans with Chris and fulfill her dream to contribute back to society in the only Country she knows as home: the United States of America, the land of opportunity.

      Today I pleed that Myra is given the opportunity to come back.


    • Maike Sichelschmidt LEVERKUSEN, GERMANY
      • over 3 years ago

      I hope everything will turn out well for the two of you!!

    • Diane Camacho EDISON, NJ
      • over 3 years ago

      This story is a perfect example of why our laws need to be changed. Things like this shouldn't be allowed to happen, much less be required by law.


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