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Sedgwick County Department of Corrections, (Residential): termination, or suspension current or future charges dismissed

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      Latisa Micheaux


This is important because the system is broken there are too many Mrs Haas's allowed to bring their own personal beliefs to their job and treat people accordingly. Codee was not or is not a criminal he is a person that made a mistake. And because they don't agree with peoples lifestyle that is no reason to bully, harass, slander and insinuate what they think to be true. Because a man is gay it does not make him a child molester, or a pervert. Noise needs to be made not to ban the system but to fix it. There is a purpose of it, but it should not be abused. This lady needs to take a class to understand what that type of behavior and discrimination does to a persons mindset. Need verbal apology and acknowledgment of phobia

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    • Richard Vargas WICHITA, KS
      • over 2 years ago

      Too support my friend and help other gay people be treated unfairly.

    • aaron horner WICHITA, KS
      • over 2 years ago

      i'm just going to go out on a limb here and say that this is just pure dscrimination no matter how you look at it.

    • Jimmy Bethely WICHITA, KS
      • over 2 years ago

      This to is my son and I have not been in his life much. But he does not deserve to be going thru what it is he is going thru at this time. I am disappointed in the system for it has failed yet another young youth. And this because of someone's personal problems. I hope for justice in this matter.

    • Louise Josiah WICHITA, KS
      • over 2 years ago

      I believe in the rehabilitation system, but when it is abused the people who are supposed to rehabilitate , then there is a problem. Bullying has been in the news too much. How are we supposed to teach our children it is wrong when adults are doing it. It is not okay.

    • Margaret Burris WICHITA, KS
      • over 2 years ago

      It is just a shame what the people that are supposed to be protecting community are doing to the people that need real rehabilitation. I don't believe that a person should be subjected to mental and emotional abuse for any reason. Why are our tax dollars paying for these type of people to be employed and not really doing their job.


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