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Improve Tilikums Life At Seaworld
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Improve Tilikums Life At Seaworld

    1. Petition by

      T O

      Orlando, FL

Tilikum is a 12000 pound (believed to be 14000 pounds now) bull orca who lives in Seaworld Orlando. He is about 30 years old and has been performing and living at Seaworld for many years now and is a very gently and gorgeous animal. Sadly on February 24th 2010 his life changed dramatically when he sadly killed Dawn Brancheau during the "Dine With Shamu" presentation. Since then Tilikum has not been directly touched or interacted with, he's only aloud to be fed if a barrier is between him and his trainer or a glass wall. Tilikum is believed to be depressed and unhealthy. He has currently stopped performing for unknown reasons many believe he is sick or retired but no one knows for sure. He used to hang out with a young male, "Trua" but has mysteriously stopped. It is believed Trua annoyed him. So now the question is how can we improve Tilikums life to the best of our ability(while keeping him in captivity)? I would like to get Tilikum more enrichment, more pools to roam through, and if possible a little bit of human contact. I think Seaworld does a great job taking care of Tilikum and its other animals but there is always room to improve. Hopefully with some research we can find ways to improve this beautifuls animals life so he can live the rest of his life happy and healthy.


Please Note: This is not an anti cap or pro cap petition. This petition is only focused on keeping Tilly at Seaworld while improving his life. 

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      T O
      by T O
      Petition Organizer

      Wow guys! Were definitely doing very well! Thank you all for supporting Tilly! I know we will help this gorgeous guy out!

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    Reasons for signing

    • Tehrina Billi MARICOPA, AZ
      • 6 months ago

      I don't like to see animals in distress.

    • Nadia El-Bataineh VIENNA, WV
      • 7 months ago


    • Candice Medina FARMINGTON, CT
      • 7 months ago

      I believe tilikum should have the life he always wanted

    • Candice Medina HARTFORD, CT
      • 7 months ago

      FREE TILLY!!!!!

    • rae payne COSTA MESA, CA
      • 7 months ago

      fuck you seaworld. The science is in, and we should realize that nothing—not profit, not education, not conservation – can justify keeping this large, social, intelligent predator in a small box filled with their own urine. You are assholes. I want you to swim in your own piss while I starve you and keep you isolated.


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