Save the Byre Theatre
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Liberal Democrat MP for North East Fife
Sir Menzies Campbell
Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs
Fiona Hyslop
MSP for North East Fife
Rod Campbell

Save the Byre Theatre

    1. Claudia Daventry
    2. Petition by

      Claudia Daventry

      Kincaple, United Kingdom

Sir Sean Connery, when opening the newly refurbished Byre Theatre in 2001: 
“The new Byre offers the UK an exciting performance space which professional touring companies would be foolish to overlook.”

Henry McLeish MSP (Former First Minister), also in 2001
“The new theatre is a wonderful facility – not only for St Andrews and Fife, But Scotland.”

Now, in 2013, the Byre Theatre - cultural hub of St Andrews and host not only to local theatre but to touring companies, StAnza - Scotland's poetry festival, the Fife Jazz Festival, its own Youth Theatre, the St Andrews Playwrights Lab and local schools productions, amongst others - has gone into liquidation and has been forced to close its doors to the public and performers alike.

In the 48 hours since this news broke, the Save the Byre Facebook page attracted over 3,600 'Likes'. We need to consolidate this support and turn it into action.

Sign this petition to put your name to the campaign to urge our MSPs to help resurrect our theatre.



Sir Menzies Campbell, Liberal Democrat MP for North East Fife
Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs
Rod Campbell, MSP for North East Fife
Save the Byre Theatre

We, the undersigned, cannot accept the closure of the Byre Theatre, and urge you to do everything in your power to help raise the awareness and funds necessary to restore the theatre to St Andrews, Fife and Scotland.

[Your name]

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    1. From response to you by Menzies Campbell (full text @ Save the Byre FB)

      Claudia Daventry
      Petition Organizer

      >>There are however reasons to be optimistic about the future if a different way of managing and operating the Byre can be put into place. The theatre buildings could therefore be back with Fife Council, as the owner, very soon.
      There are discussions taking place about alternative delivery models with both Creative Scotland and the Fife Cultural Trust, the aim being to have the theatre open again as soon as practicable.

      I can assure you that Willie Rennie and myself will do what we can to secure a sustainable future for the Byre Theatre and I have written to both Fife Council and Creative Scotland to press the case. [...] it is heartening that there has been so much immediate support as is evident from the number of people signing the petition and contacting me as you have done.

      I remain confident that the Byre Theatre has a future and hope that the current level of support will be reflected in future levels of patronage.

      I hope this is helpful.

      Menzies Campbell MP

    2. Reached 7,000 signatures
    3. Sean Connery has now backed us - thank you for your ongoing support.

      Claudia Daventry
      Petition Organizer

      "Before the final performances at the theatre last Thursday, Salmond announced that MSPs were doing "all that they can" to support the campaign. "I am sure that members from across the chamber hope that a good future can be found for the Byre theatre and we admire the work that it has done in the past," he told ministers at Holyrood." The Guardian

    4. Reached 6,000 signatures
    5. 5,750 and on up. The Byre closed its doors tonight but we're still going...

      Claudia Daventry
      Petition Organizer

      Meeting with our MSP Rod Campbell, after his talks with Creative Scotland, scheduled for Saturday.

    6. 5,010 and rising - we're making the right noise. The Scotsman:

      Claudia Daventry
      Petition Organizer

      "The ongoing support is an indication of the esteem in which the Byre is held, not just in St Andrews and Fife, but across Scotland and internationally"

    7. Reached 5,000 signatures
    8. Pushing 4,500: MSP Rod Campbell responds

      Claudia Daventry
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you for your emails regarding the future of the Byre Theatre. I am, of course, very aware of the ongoing situation and it may be of interest to you that I have arranged a meeting, for tomorrow, with a representative of Creative Scotland to discuss matters further.

      I would hope to be in touch with you again in the very near future, regarding any developments made.

      Yours sincerely,

      Roderick Campbell MSP.

    9. 4,000 - and rising

      Claudia Daventry
      Petition Organizer

      The Byre's about more than fixtures and a building. It's the people, the creativity, the spirit which has made it great. You can't put that out of business - or buy it back. Thanks for all your support

    10. Reached 4,000 signatures
    11. BBC and STV coverage today

      Claudia Daventry
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks again for your support of the Byre. Here's the link to the BBC Reporting Scotland coverage:

    12. Reached 2,500 signatures
    13. Pressure on...

      Claudia Daventry
      Petition Organizer

      "Pressure is now mounting on Creative Scotland and Fife Council to help find a viable solution." - the Courier, today. That's you. Thank you.

    14. Reached 2,000 signatures
    15. Press at the Byre

      Claudia Daventry
      Petition Organizer

      Over 100 supporters got down to the theatre at lunchtime today to talk to the press about why we'd be lost without the Byre. Not bad for short notice and a Monday lunchtime - thanks to all who managed along, and to those of you who wanted to but couldn't.

      Also just to clarify - there have been some voices asking what exactly we are going to DO about it all. At the moment, you signing this and showing your support is doing a lot. It's by showing how many of us mind about this that we create a majority significant enough to be listened to so that as the issues come out we can tackle them effectively. Thank you again.

    16. Reached 1,500 signatures
    17. Latest...

      Claudia Daventry
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks for signing. The numbers are rocketing up. Latest opinion from the frontline... "What it needs is a brilliant entrepreneur who sees the possibilities and is willing to invest some serious money in turning it around..."

    18. Reached 500 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Keith Dixon BEST, NETHERLANDS
      • 7 months ago

      Great space. It's where I learned to enjoy theatre. It would be a disaster to loose it.

    • charles donnelly GLASGOW, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 9 months ago

      ALL theatre is important. The Byre is part of our culture.

      • 10 months ago

      I performed there several times and it is an important cultural resource for the community.

    • Eleanor Belfrage 0203 371 1848, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 11 months ago

      Important for the community and the growth of theatre nationwide

    • Titus Sharpe FIFE, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 11 months ago

      The Byre is the only theatre in our area.


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