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Save our turtles & phase out the use of witches hat crab traps in NSW
  • Petitioning Minister Katrina Hodgkinson

This petition will be delivered to:

NSW Department of Primary Industries
Minister Katrina Hodgkinson
NSW Minister for Environment
The Hon. Robyn Parker, MP

Save our turtles & phase out the use of witches hat crab traps in NSW

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      SEA LIFE Conservation Fund

Update: Another 2 turtles have been found dead in crab trap gear in Port Stephens. You can read the full article here.

Currently in NSW, endangered turtles and other marine species are frequently fatally caught in witches hat crab traps, a recreational fishing gear type. These same traps have been banned in Qld due to the havoc they cause on marine life.

The Qld ban was implemented to combat ghost-fishing and reduce the entanglement and death of non-targeted species such as turtles, rays and fish. Witches hats are made of a light gauge mesh which can easily tangle some marine species. Also because of their light weight they can drift and become lost, effectively continuing to catch fish (ghost fish) until they become buried or break down.

The current review on NSW Salt and Freshwater Recreational Fishing rules is proposing a reduction of witches hat crab traps from 5 to 4 per person rather than following Queensland's lead and phasing out this destructive fishing gear altogether.

Sign our petition and let the Minister know that we want witches hat crab traps phased out over the next 2 years to stop our endangered marine life dying unnecessarily.

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    • Sandy Mountfort AUSTRALIA
      • 3 days ago

      Why do we have to phase witches hat crab traps out, just ban them NOW

    • coralie bradley MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA
      • 6 days ago


    • Olga and Michael Tresz and Bushby OCEAN SHORES, AUSTRALIA
      • 9 days ago

      Life on this beautiful planet is dying because of humans. We need to be starting to do all we can to stop this mass killing and destruction in every possible way!

    • Chants Lanham AUSTRALIA
      • 14 days ago

      After recently going to the whitsundays and swimming with turtles I think we should start to apprciate and take good care of these beautiful sea creatures

    • Miriam Kelly AUSTRALIA
      • 15 days ago

      Marine life is precious...these net need to be banned.


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