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Save Metros as the MCPS Championship meet for the Swim and Dive Teams

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      Amy Hsu

Metros has been the championship swim meet for the MCPS and surrounding private schools for over 40 years. The MCPS athletic directors will be voting in April to move Metros back two weeks in order for the swim team to be able to compete in the Maryland MPSSAA Regional and State meet. This move would be detrimental to our Swim and Dive teams for numerous reasons.

1. There is no diving, removing our divers from the championship season

2. The level of competition is much less at the State meet than at Metros.

3. Between 50 and 60% of the athletes at the State meet would be from MCPS, reducing it to the equivalent of our current Countys meet without the upperlevel competition brought in by the private schools.

4. The current format of the State meet is a timed finals event. Not nearly as exciting or as much fun for the athletes as a prelims and finals meet - which is a true Championship format in swimming.

5. The AD's are asking the athletes to give up the best meet they have so that the swimmers, but not divers, may participate in the state meet. They are doing this without giving the athletes the benefits that would go along with MPSSAA rules - such as 12 meets per season and the ability to compete against schools outside the county and against private schools. Ask the Athletic Directors of MCPS and Dr. Beattie, head of Athletics for MCPS to reconsider this change until they have attended both Metros in its current format and the MPSSAA States meet in its format. Then include the athletes in the decision. They too are stakeholders.

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    • Bruce Kalen SILVER SPRING, MD
      • over 3 years ago

      To comprimise Metros is a joke, Montgomery deserves better and is beter than States.Many of us as parents swam Metro's. Keep the tradition.

    • Stephanie Srour POTOMAC, MD
      • over 3 years ago

      One of a high school swimmers greatest moments is when they make Metros! Keep those moments alive now and in the future!!!

    • Caitlyn May BETHESDA, MD
      • over 3 years ago

      THis is big and reasonable goal for a lot of people. Getting rid would not be smart.

    • Michelle Powell ROCKVILLE, MD
      • over 3 years ago

      These kids work ALL SEASON for the Metros competition...LEAVE IT ALONE.

    • Jason Cordero ROCKVILLE, MD
      • over 3 years ago



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