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Cancel Miley Cyrus's SNL Appearance This Weekend

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This week Miley Cyrus and Sinead O'Connor began a "feud" over an open letter that Sinead wrote filled with advice for Miley. Most of us would never had known about this letter if it weren't for Miley's extremely immature, disturbing, and cruel reaction to it. Rather than just ignore the letter or just simply say "hey Sinead, I happen to thoroughly enjoy 'prostituting' myself out" she chose to make fun of Sinead and Amanda Bynes mental health issues. Conveniently, she left out her friend, Britney Spears, during her mock of celebrities with severe mental issues. People with mental health problems already carry around a huge stygma without having an arrogant 20 year old kid making it even worse. How many teens and young adults will choose not to get help for a suspected mental illness because of this stygma that has now been perpetuated even more by Miley.

By signing this petition, we are demanding that SNL disavow their relationship with Miley Cyrus and cancel her appearance on the show this weekend. We will not accept an on air apology by her either. We want her kicked off the show completely. Cancel it. Write her off. Let someone else who deserves the attention that SNL affords take her place.

Lorne Michaels
Cancel Miley Cyrus's SNL Appearance This Weekend

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    • Sam Transleau IOWA CITY, IA
      • 7 months ago

      Miley Cyrus would cheapen the show.

    • WhotheF Cares PHILA, PA
      • 7 months ago

      Get a life.


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