Tell CCTA San Ramon does not support the Norris Canyon HOV ramp proposal
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Tell CCTA San Ramon does not support the Norris Canyon HOV ramp proposal

    1. Andrew Weiss
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      Andrew Weiss

CCTA (Contra Costa Transit Authority) wants to spend $102,000,000 to build I-680 HOV on/off ramps at Norris Canyon Road in San Ramon. These ramps are a waste of taxpayer money, and will have an adverse affect on the quality of life in San Ramon. They will increase traffic on local roads, increase noise levels, create a safety risk for children riding their bikes to school and impede access to facilities on the west and east sides of the city. We,  the undersigned residents of  San Ramon and neighboring towns/cities, are against the construction of any ramps connecting I-680 with Norris Canyon.  We call for the City of San Ramon to formalize a  Statement of Opposition  to any such proposal, from CCTA, Caltrans, or others.  

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    • Jeannine Sordini SAN RAMON, CA
      • 9 months ago

      Noise, traffic on route to Middle School, pollution

    • James Atkinson SAN RAMON, CA
      • 9 months ago

      I oppose the the Norris Canyon HOV lane for several reasons.

      First, the Norris Canyon overpass is the only safe route for our children to get across the freeway to Iron Horse Middle School, Central Park, or the Iron Horse trail.

      Second, Norris Canyon is simply not a good location for an HOV ramp. There is no room for a park-and-ride lot there so it not good for outbound carpooling. I carpool every day from Bollinger Canyon and would find the Norris HOV ramps to be useless at best, dangerous at worst.

    • Robert Dees SAN RAMON, CA
      • 9 months ago

      My business is right at the south west corner of Norris Canyon and SRVB. It would have to be demolished along with many other businesses if this goes through. It is crazy to put this in when within a 1/4 of a mile in both directions there are other off ramps from 680.

    • Elizabeth Sanderson SAN RAMON, CA
      • 12 months ago

      Too many ramps - we already have ramps at Crow Canyon and Bollinger. Who is behind this? It does sound suspicously like something that is lining someone's pockets.

      • about 1 year ago

      This off-ramp will do 2 things, endanger the children that ride Norris Canyon to school and cause additional traffic congestion on that road.


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