San Fransisco Police Department ( Inspector Anne Mackenzie ): Replace Missing Persons Inspector Anne Mackenzie
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San Fransisco Police Department ( Inspector Anne Mackenzie ): Replace Missing Persons Inspector Anne Mackenzie

    1. Brenda Adams Condon
    2. Petition by

      Brenda Adams Condon

      San Diego, CA

It is imperative we have this petition signed! It has been five months since Christian Hughes went missing from a home he was visiting in San Francisco. Detective Anne Mackenzie sent his case back to San Diego where he is from. We don’t have any detectives to help us since San Diego has no jurisdiction in San Francisco. Chrishtian is missing without a trace .We have witnesses and leads that have come forward whose insight strongly suggests foul play. Crishtian did not leave that night. Something terrible happened. He deserves to be found and justice to be served to those involved in his disappearance!



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      Brenda Adams Condon
      Petition Organizer

      Searchers are to meet today at 4:00 p.m. in San Francisco to recommence searching for missing Crishtian Hughes. This was after a strong possible sighting of him on Thursday at 6:00 p.m. on Haight & Clayton (in San Francisco, CA). The young man sighted appeared to be in desperate need of medical attention.
      In this same exact area bloodhounds of the K9 Forensics Search Team picked up a live scent for Christian last December. The search will be looking for 4 other young male adults who went missing in the same area, JACKSON MILLER, SHAWN DICKERSON, CAMERON REMMER AND SEAN SIDI. WE ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF SEARCH VOLUNTEERS TO MEET AT THE PARKING LOT Schrader and Haight Street AT 4:00 P.M.
      The team are requesting donations of water and food .
      The contact number for this event is 858-212-7503


      Help Find Crishtian Hughes, has been missing for 14 months now. We have had siftings in San Francisco and a GREAT Tip came in last night. ( 4/18/2014). We need to find Crishtian Hughes FAST, as the Tip depicted that the person they believe to be Crishtian appeared to be " Out Of it.

    2. •Lynne Spalding went missing from San Francisco General Hospital

      Brenda Adams Condon
      Petition Organizer

      The Dr involved in this case has signed and left this message for us ,• Lisa Brandon SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      I am a doctor and we had a patient missing for 17 days and she never came to the hospital once. They found the patient deceased, for of you that did not hear of this story , please go to this link . We need to take action now.

    3. Keep it going !

      Brenda Adams Condon
      Petition Organizer

      Keep this going , we are doing great , Crishtian's case has still not been brought back to SF. She has not returned any of are calls nor the calls from
      The Nationally Exploited and Missing Children's . Crishtian has a case number with them along with case worker . They can't take over until she signs it off. She doesn't want to sign it off to them , Because she knows they will expose her for what she is .Why does any family have to fight for LE to abide by the guidelines and laws from CDOJ ? Please keep this going !

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    5. Find Our Lost and Missing

      Brenda Adams Condon
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      Please help find our missing - LostNMissing Inc

      Featured missing loved ones: Brian Sullivan,Carla Reyes,Elsha Rivera,Jeramy Carl Burt, Joseph Bushling,Ilya Lastovkin,Cort Jones,Ahren Benjamin Bernard Angel Garcia,Maura Murray,Rosemary Day,Timur Mardeyev, Aundria Bowman,Ashley Summers,Beth Bentley,Quang Ngo, Christina Kleckner,Collin Gillis,Michelle Hutchings,Christina Whittaker,Shane Fell,Nikko Lisi,Lisa Marie Knight,Shanna Peoples, Jason Reil,Ashley Carroll,Brian Barton,Crishtian Hughes, Jamie Fraley,Phoenix Coldon,Roxanne Paltauf,Giang Phan - created by LostNMissing Inc.

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    • Michael Stone SALT LAKE CITY, UT
      • 2 months ago

      This is another in a much too long line of cops treating people, who they are sworn to serve and protect, with utter contempt. At this time in my life I am much more afraid of cops than anyone, including lawbreakers. They are totally protected by a wall of other contemptuous cops. This Anne Mackenzie should be ashamed, but of course she won't, that would mean she has human qualities. Perhaps some day she will need help from someone other than a fellow cop, and won't get it. I'm positive she is too incompetent to be a mother. I hope you find your loved one.

    • Julie Mellow MARIPOSA, CA
      • 3 months ago

      Crishtian is a cousin to a dear friend of mine and I am also a mother of a 21 year-old son, I cannot imagine the terror his mother is feeling and being a peace officer, I cannot fathom that one of my own would not do everything within their power to help find this young man!

    • Deborah Glenn AUSTIN, TX
      • 3 months ago

      I reported a young male who looked like Shawn Tyler Dickerson, Missing Person Case #110-978931, per the request on the poster. Anne Mackenzie DEFAMED me on the phone and in writing to the mother and grandmother of the Missing Person, saying I was "not a credible witness" and "suspicious". She did not interview the Manager of the business in which I saw the possible Missing Person, who had verified she saw everything on the store video tape. Further, Anne Mackenizie committed FRAUD by falsely claiming that I filed an IDENTICAL report, two years earlier ON THE SAME DATE! She also FRAUDulently claimed that I filed my report with a Detective Joseph Carroll. I filed my report ONCE, on Feb 5, 2014, with a rude, combative, female officer who identified herself as Sergeant Bear (spelling? Bayer, Bare, Bair?)[Mr. Carroll no longer worked there according to Sergeant Bear!]. I filed a Complaint against Sergeant Bear; this could be illegal retaliation. I will now also file a Complaint against Mackenzie. This "Officer" in not qualified, based on performance, to hold the position she has. SFPD/AG should prosecute her for FRAUD, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, EVIDENCE TAMPERING, DEFAMATION, DERELICTION OF DUTY, ET AL !

    • Pina Shaw VISTA, CA
      • 3 months ago

      this young man deserves t be found and returned to his family for a burial. NOFAMILY should have to go through this. police in the area of disappearance should be looking for answers.

    • James Murphy BAKERSFIELD, CA
      • 3 months ago

      I know the family and it is shameful to have this case sent back to a city that has nothing to do with the case. It is incompetence and nothing less. She deserves to be fired. If this was her child every officer in the area would be used.


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