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Allow basketball hoops to be kept outside of residences.

    1. Beth Fuller
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      Beth Fuller

      Round Hill, VA

Children today need every incentive to get outside and play. Our homeowners association states that although basketball hoops are allowed, they must be wheeled inside every day. These basketball hoops can be dangerous if not properly secured, the constant removal and replacement of the freestanding hoops is not a safe or reasonable option.We are asking for an amendment to this rule. This petition holds signatures of both families who have the freestanding basketball hoops and families who do not but support our endeavor to create an active and healthy community. I, along with other supporters, will be bringing this petition to the March 20th meeting at 7pm at RHES. Join us if you can.

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    2. Please share this link to as many Sycamore Village folks as possible!

      Beth Fuller
      Petition Organizer

      I will also be going door to door throughout the neighborhood to gain signatures as well as take a sample of support so that we can show a percentage of supporters, for and against. We should have huge majority.

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    • Beth Fuller ROUND HILL, VA
      • about 2 years ago

      I will clarify that we are seeking to change the ordinance that concerns basketball hoops on the homeowner's property not in the road. You are correct to say that the original "rule" was written because of the aesthetics of having a basketball hoop in front of one's home, not a safety issue. If the basketball hoop is properly secured then it's pretty rare that they topple over. We do realize that it is our choice to have a hoop on our property. But when we moved in here nine years ago we were promised basketball hoops and a community swimming pool. Something's got to give.

    • Richard Irelan PURCELLVILLE, VA
      • about 2 years ago

      I used to live in the Village, and was one of the homeowners who had my basketball goal seized several times. My kids played all the time - our street (Falls Place) had DOZENS of kids playing ball constantly. When I inquired about this, I was told the BUILDER did not like basketball goals up in the neighborhood - he thought it affected marketability. COMICAL. As a former mortgage person and underwriter for 10 years, this is not true. The village is full of young families with kids. Why has the builder not constructed the community center that was in the original plans??? This profer was one of the points that attracted many of the new homeowners to the villages. No parks have been built with courts - just ball fields. Real tough to play baseball, soccer, or lacrosse by yourself. Hoops can be dangerous - but when I lived there and had one, it only blew over ONCE - when we had near tornadic winds . With sand in the bottom, they stay put. I think this motion should have passed long ago. If you dont like kids playing ball in the street, move somewhere else. It is something you see everywhere in America, except ELDERLY LIVING COMMUNITIES. Good Luck with the Petition!!!!

      - Derek Irelan

    • jenni anderson ROUND HILL, VA
      • about 2 years ago

      The point to this is most of us don't leave our basketball hoops on the street. It has always been in our driveway up against the garage door as far away from the street as possible. So then why do we have to move it, from what you said, we should be fine since it's off the street and on our property. But we still get letters to move it. I agree if they have it in the street they should move it. Talking about kids playing basketball and getting hit is a huge concern and we absolutely agree and that is exactly why we don't have ours on the street. But that brings up another issue. The association has done nothing to limit cars from speeding, but heave forbid we have a basketball hoop. We live on Greenwood Dr. and it's a long street, people think they are on a main road and go way to fast. We have brought this up and nothing has been done. We even petitioned the county and all we got was a small sign you can hardly see saying kids at play. So if we want to put safety first they should put speed bumps in place.

      I really think this town needs to take a look at the recreational activities it has to offer the kids of this community. There is nothing. No basketball or tennis courts, no play ground, no park. Sure there is the small town park but has very little to offer and no safe way for our kids to walk or bike there. There are a lot of kids that live here of all ages. We live in a world of wonderful technology. Children are growing up surrounded by computers, television, cell phones, and gaming consoles and spend more time using them than being physically active. We need to do all we can to encourage them to be more active and give them the means to do so.

      Jenni Anderson

    • Not Signing . ROUND HILL, VA
      • about 2 years ago

      I do not understand the point of this petition. Last summer, a petition went around proposing the use of portable basketball hoops on the street. This was passed with the condition that they are taken off the street at night. What's this petition for, to keep them on the street permanently? Leaving the portable basketball hoops on the street poses more of a safety hazard than having to move them onto your property each night and properly secure them. The severe winds that we experience knock the hoops down constantly and in the dark they are not easily seen. Also, I have seen children playing basketball in the dark almost get hit by moving cars numerous times. Who is going to be responsible if an accident were to occur as a result of a hoop being blown down or a child hit in the dark? The adults that own the hoops are responsible for moving them each night, not the children, and I do not think this is unreasonable if you choose to own a basketball hoop. It does not sound like this petition is about giving children the ability to have a fun and healthy outdoor activity, this already exists. The initial condition was put in place for safety concerns and should not be amended.

      --Mike Vaughn

    • James thomason ROUNDHILL, VA
      • about 2 years ago

      We have a lot of young children living here that are active in all sports that there should be alowed to play all sports outside with no ristriction


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