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Rockstar Games: Don't F*Up Grand Theft Auto 5 like you did Grand Theft Auto 4 (PC version)
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Rockstar Games: Don't F*Up Grand Theft Auto 5 like you did Grand Theft Auto 4 (PC version)

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      G-Man 4ever

As a long time fan of Grand Theft Auto, I would hate to see another excellent game end up ruined because of poor porting. When a game costs top dollar, requires a monstrous PC to run properly and even then it is riddled of bugs and performance issues, you can't expect everyone to jump on-board. That is the reason the sales on PC were "below expectations" for GTA 4 (for PC) and not piracy.

Launching the game exclusively for consoles is an insult to the whole PC community, not just gamers, but modders, who really helped put GTA on the map, making it one of the most successfully modded game of all time. Remember that before making your next business strategy.

To make it clear, this is not a hate letter, it is a sign that we, the PC gamers, would prefer to wait longer for the game than have the whole fiasco of 7 patches that really did nothing for GTA 4.

Best regards,
A long time GTA fan

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    • john friedly GOTHERBURG, SWEDEN
      • over 1 year ago

      I want it for pc, and i dont want it to be crap. as simple as that.

    • Swastik Thapaliya KATHMANDU, NEPAL
      • over 1 year ago

      I want GTA V for PC as badly as hell.

    • Vismasntas Freimanas KURSENAI, LITHUANIA
      • over 1 year ago

      Besause if Rock star dpesnt release it on pc they are loosing lots of money. And secondly i dont like using or buying any of consoles, because game play is to crapy to play games like Gta.

    • Fetter Jöd NEW YORK, SPAIN
      • over 1 year ago

      Because Rockstar Games should




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