Representative Rodney Moore and Larry Pittman: Withdraw HB956 "regulate breed ownership"
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Representative Rodney Moore and Larry Pittman: Withdraw HB956 "regulate breed ownership"

    1. Rayna Watt
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      Rayna Watt

      Huntersville, NC

Under the proposed bill, owners of dogs deemed to be an ”aggressive breed” would have to undergo a criminal background check, apply and pay for a special state permit, notify the property insurer, and take a four-hour education course before adopting, buying, or “otherwise taking possession of” one of the dogs.

HB956 has not been assigned to a committee yet. As such, NORTH CAROLINA RESIDENTS, please reach out to the legislators in your district and ask them to OPPOSE HB956. Let them know that breed discriminatory ordinances promote a false sense of security in communities and actually put their constituents at risk to the truly dangerous dogs not designated as such because they don’t meet the physical characteristics established by breed discriminatory laws. A dog’s appearance or breed has no bearing on the risk or danger that any dog poses to a community, and strongly enforced breed-neutral dangerous dog laws that target irresponsible and reckless dog owners benefit the entire community – people and animals alike.

Please also write to the bill’s sponsors, and politely and respectfully ask that they withdraw their bill. Don't let the State tell us what dogs are acceptable to have.

Rodney Moore, House Representative
Larry Pittman, House Representative
I ask that you withdraw HB956 (regulate "aggressive" breed ownership). It is unfair for state officials to determine what breeds are acceptable as pets. Focus on punishing the deeds of people who mistreat dogs and not dogs with an undeserving reputation as "aggressive".

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    2. NC Rep. Rodney Moore Proposes New Law Regulating Owners and Their Dogs

      Rayna Watt
      Petition Organizer
      North Carolina Representative Rodney Moore proposes law requiring pit bull owners to pass background checks | Popehat

      It will be worthwhile, I promise you. This week Democratic Rodney Moore, of Mecklenburg County, introduced a bill that would make thousands of innocent North Carolinians criminals. It would most definitely make me a criminal, for two reasons.


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