Remove Barriers to Housing for Homeless Families
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City of Las Cruces
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Remove Barriers to Housing for Homeless Families

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We bemoan the skyrocketing numbers of families becoming homeless, while little-known rules and policies implemented by our nation's housing agency--HUD--create and perpetuate homelessness. Even the relative surge of federal stimulus money is not meeting the needs of the most desperately in need of housing assistance.

Among the most egregious example, a family of 5 children under the age of 7 and their pregnant mother living in a 13' dilapidated camper in Las Cruces, NM were deemed "not absolutely homeless" by those giving out housing assistance stimulus funds. To further their plight, the mom's arrearages from her previous state of residence (with an estranged abusive spouse) will keep her from qualifying for public housing for at least 10 years.

The Las Cruces Mayor, Ken Miyagishima, has offered to help. He's even provided some financial assistance to the family. But more pressure is needed.

This petition is to urge Mayor Miyagishima to push HUD for changes in their regulations that act as barriers for Tina and her family, and countless other impoverished and/homeless families.

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