Reform the Grossly Unjust and Offensive Irish Car Tax Law.
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Reform the Grossly Unjust and Offensive Irish Car Tax Law.

    1. R Neuville
    2. Petition by

      R Neuville

      Pensioner (No political affiliation), Ireland

It is UNACCEPTABLE that pre-2008 car owners are subsidising the road tax of NEW CAR OWNERS!

Sign this Petition if you agree.





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9000 Irish signatures required for ECI European Citizens' Initiative (ECI).


392,000 cars are untaxed in Ireland (23% or nearly 1 in 4) due to refusal to accept this  daft, penal and unfair car tax system in our Republic.


The Local Property Tax Petition also deserves your signature at:-


1.6L Pre-2008 car tax is €514 (cc rated)

1.6L New car tax is typically €200 (CO2 rated)

Difference is €314 or 157% more tax demanded for older cars!

This law favours those who can afford new cars and penalises those who can not. 

It is a daft law! -  It is an unfair law! -  It is a grossly unjust law!

It must be changed AND WITHOUT DELAY!.


The internet opens the door to Direct Democracy.

"You can vote now! - No need to wait for the next election!"

Change this daft Irish car tax law by signing this ePetition.



Ireland does not have a car industry. The Irish Government's artificial promotion of the purchase of new cars, by a daft tax bias, transfers €6 Billion of wealth out of the economy each year. (€60 Billion over 10 yrs). Who benefits from this?



1. Base Tax: for road use / upkeep, based on the value of the car (some US states - exemption for low value cars - annual NCT assures car safety). 

2. CO2 Tax: based on fuel consumption per annum (CO2 emissions per Km x Kilometers per annum recorded at NCT tests x tax rate).

This would be a fairer, "progressive", car tax system. It would also meet the Canons of Taxation requirements.

(Ideally the car tax should be absorbed into the fuel tax. However, this would add 17c per litre to Irish fuel cost and those in border counties would pay no tax because they would fill up over the border - just another form of tax  subsidisation.)



Taxation in civilised societies complies with Internationally accepted norms. These are called the Canons of Taxation.

Irish Car Tax Law DOES NOT COMPLY with the "Canons of Taxation":-

UNFAIR: Favours those who can afford new cars and penalises those who can not.

UNJUST: Lessens the freedom of those who cannot afford new cars - the less wealthy.

UNEQUAL - Lower-income groups cannot afford the high penal annual road tax for basic personal transport mobility of travel to work, shopping, kids to school, medical services etc.

- NOT PROPORTIONAL: High value luxury car owners pay LESS annual car tax than owners of older lower value cars.

REGRESSIVE: LOW TAX on high-income earners (owners of new cars), yet HIGH TAX on low-income earners (owners of old cars).

UNJUST ENRICHMENT: Risk of high annual car tax on Low-income groups used by Government to bail out private companies (banks)!

LEGITIMATE EXPECTATIONS: To drive on Irish public roads for a fair, equal  tax.

FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Free for all Irish road users to drive on Irish public roads, without some having to pay a penal annual road tax.

DEPRIVED OF PROPERTY: Not to be forced off the road by penal annual road tax and unable to use one's property (car).

CLIMATE OF FEAR: Free of fear of the law due to the burden of penal taxes.

VESTED INTERESTS: A tax bias that artifically promotes the purchase of new cars is driven by vested interests and does not meet the wishes of the electorate.

Recent signatures


    1. Reached 3,000 signatures
    2. An Irish person is exported to Australia or Canada for each new car bought.

      R Neuville
      Petition Organizer

      141 & 142 are not Green Jersey. Irish don't make cars. For every new car purchased an Irish person has to be exported to Australia or Canada.

      Seen many '141′ cars around?

      Chances are you've seen a few, sales are up 50 per cent compared to last year.

    3. Reached 2,500 signatures
    4. The older the vehicle, the less the amount of tax.

      R Neuville
      Petition Organizer

      Turkey Vehicle Tax:
      Owners have to pay an annual tax, which is calculated on a vehicle’s engine capacity, the type of fuel used and date of production. The older the vehicle, the less the amount of tax.

    5. Irish car sales dropped by a staggering 73% - economic maturity at last!

      R Neuville
      Petition Organizer

      Car sales in Ireland dropped by a staggering 73 per cent, the highest rate in Europe, according to the provisional figures. UK sales rose 13 per cent.

      This 73% drop is very good for the struggling Irish economy because Ireland does not manufacture cars. Much needed funds (€6 billion at peak) to support recovery of employment remain in the local Irish economy.

      European car sales fall to 17-year low as markets contract

      European car sales fell to a 17-year low in June as record unemployment in the countries using the euro hurt demand at Fiat and Peugeot Citroen. Registrations decreased 6.3 per cent to 1.18 million vehicles from 1.25 million cars a year earlier, the Brussels- based European Automobile Manufacturers' Association, or ACEA, said today.

    6. Reached 2,000 signatures
    7. Reached 1,500 signatures
    8. Irish Car Sales predicted to drop to 64,000 in 2013.

      R Neuville
      Petition Organizer

      Irish Car Sales predicted to drop to 64,000 in 2013.

      Car Life Longevity is a key pillar for recovery.

      Saves €4,000,000,000 EVERY YEAR for the local economy - more jobs.

      Should bring urgency to equalising the grossly unjust Car Tax System in Ireland which artifically promotes purchase of new cars by very low tax rates.

    9. An Irish Petition site to provide a platform for Direct Democracy.

      R Neuville
      Petition Organizer

      An Irish Petition site to provide a platform for Direct Democracy.

    10. Don't get angry with the Taxman ...... get EVEN!

      R Neuville
      Petition Organizer

      Car Tax: Tax your car only when you need it ........ skip a month or quarter if not in use.

      VRT: Dont buy new cars ...... no VRT on used cars.
      (BTW this keeps €6bn p.a. in the local economy for jobs .... instead of sending it abroad)

      VAT: Stop smoking .... it won't kill you ... but it will "kill the taxman"!

      Bin Charges: "Give up your ol' bins". Find a bin partner, preferably one with exemptions .....and its free!!!

      Parking disks: Only park in out of town shopping centers .. they are FREE!

      Excise duty: Brew your own.
      more next week!!!!

      "The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself." Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

    11. Household Tax Petition

      R Neuville
      Petition Organizer

      The Local Property Tax Petition deserves your signature also.

    12. Irish Car Sales collapse ...... Jan 2013

      R Neuville
      Petition Organizer

      Irish Car Sales have collapsed.

      They are down 32% in Jan 2013.

      Tactical pre registering by the Car Dealers have artificially inflated the figures to suggest only 19% drop.

      They have destroyed their businesses because of their greedy lobbying of Government TDs to make older cars (pre-2008) prohibitively expensive by penal annual car tax and forced customers to purchase new cars to try to escape the penal car tax.

      Now 392,000 owners of older cars are holding on to their cars and NOT paying the penal annual car tax on them.

      The main dealers greed has come back to bite them in the .....!

    13. British public outcry ....... reversal of Car Tax Law in UK!

      R Neuville
      Petition Organizer

      Most UK citizens assumed – wrongly – that road tax on all ‘gas-guzzlers’ would rise sharply, and this is what ministers originally planned.

      But after a public outcry in the UK, they reversed the decision.

      So now, even the heaviest polluters registered before the March 2006 cut-off will stay in a lower car tax band.

      Irish motorists were not alert to the this and now suffer penal car tax on pre 2008 vehicles, imposed upon them by their Irish reps (TDs)!

      Beware the Tax Trap

      New emissions-based road tax rules are set to hit drivers hard - unless you buy carefully

    14. Reached 250 signatures
    15. 2013 Budget - Car Tax

      R Neuville
      Petition Organizer

      New Car Tax (VRT) increased by 3% ...very good .. we don't have a car industry!.
      Annual Car Tax CO2 rated (B2 band) increased by 24% ....very good .. move to equalise.
      Annual Car Tax cc rated (pre-2008) increased by 7.5% .... not good .. more penal tax on older cars!.

      Somewhat "progressive" ... higher % increases for those who can afford it.

      However, my car tax goes up by €66 to €951 p.a. for my €800 car.
      My neighbour's car tax goes up by €55 to €280 p.a for his NEW €35,000 car!

      Where is the fairness in that?

    16. Reached 100 signatures
    17. Irish abandon the Ballot Box and Vote with their Wallets!

      R Neuville
      Petition Organizer

      392,000 cars are untaxed in Ireland (23% or nearly 1 in 4) due to refusal to accept the penal and unfair car tax system in our Republic.

      "The essence of Democracy itself, is the right of citizens to disobey unjust laws" Howard Zinn:

      Looks like the Irish have lost faith in the ballot box (political class) and have decided to vote with their wallets instead!

      They did invent the Boycott!

    18. Irish Minister, Phil Hogan tells this pensioner "Get Stuffed"

      R Neuville
      Petition Organizer

      Irish Minister, Phil Hogan refuses to acknowledge unfair penal car tax law.

      After paying my car tax for the past 40 years the Minister gave this pensioner the option of :-

      - cough up the penal €1,000 p.a. car tax on my 1993 car worth €800.
      (my neighbour pays just €225 p.a. for his new BMW!)
      - "stay off the Irish roads"
      - OR break the Law and suffer the consequences!

      Ireland is no longer a Democracy. It has become a Tyranny!

    19. Reached 50 signatures
    20. Irish v UK v German v French Car Tax

      R Neuville
      Petition Organizer

      Annual Car Tax for a pre - 2008 2.2L car.

      €1000 (250 x 4 quarters) - Ireland
      €300 - UK
      €540 approx - Germany
      €0 - France (No car tax in France since 2001)

    21. Reached 10 signatures
    22. Penal Laws return to Ireland:-

      R Neuville
      Petition Organizer

      In 1704 under the heading ‘property’, no Irish Catholic could own a horse worth more than £5.

      In 2011 under the heading Car Tax, no Irish citizen can drive on Irish roads unless they buy a new car or pay PENAL car tax on pre 2008 cars.

      1916 centenary is coming up -- I feel a "Celtic Spring" coming on!

      Time for "Horse Lanes"?

    23. The French have real Freedom of movement in their country!

      R Neuville
      Petition Organizer

      France abolished car tax in 2001.

      Liberty in a modern Republic means having the freedom to drive on your country's roads, without fear of penal laws.

      This is not the case in the Irish Republic, due to the excessive penal annual car tax on pre 2008 cars.

      €544 per annum for a €800 1.6L car!
      €906 per annum for a €800 2L car!

      However, the French have an oppressive Home Tax System which forces the less well off to live in hovels in little villages (EU shanty towns).


    Reasons for signing

    • ann byrne DUNDALK, IRELAND
      • 17 days ago

      it not fair

    • Brendan Fitzpatrick DUBLIN, DUBLIN, IRELAND, IRELAND
      • 20 days ago

      It costs 10 times more to produce a new car than it does to maintain an older classic - think of the damage to the environment?

    • Martin Farrell CLONMEL, IRELAND
      • 22 days ago

      I am being charged €951 for a 2.2 diesel which I find very economical on a run . I think it is unaffordable now . It is simply legalised extortion .

    • Raymond O Riordan TIPPERARY, IRELAND
      • about 1 month ago

      Because my comprehensive Insurance is less than one third of my tax

    • cristoir o laoighre CORK, IRELAND
      • about 1 month ago

      totally unjust


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