Please Stop Giving Away Helium Balloons
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Please Stop Giving Away Helium Balloons

    1. Dustin Klent
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      Dustin Klent

      Tallahassee, FL

Every day Publix supermarkets and many other grocery stores and department stores give away free helium balloons. This may seem like a non-issue, but the world is facing an unprecedented helium shortage of epic proportions. Unless laws are made to stave off this shortfall, a helium shortage could directly affect many industries including the research, technology and medical industries across the United States and the world.
MRI machines require helium to function, numerous research and technologies require helium to function as well. Aero space research, chemical research, optics, etc. all require helium to function. So why, after all of this, do we see stores giving away helium for free?

This petition is aimed towards Publix Supermarkets. The CEO of Publix as well as the President of Publix.

Please STOP giving away helium for free when the world faces such a shortfall of this non renewable and invaluable resource.

Publix Supermarkets
Please Stop Giving Away Helium Balloons

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