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  • Petitioning John Key

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New Zealand Prime Minister
John Key
New Zealand Primary Industries Minister
Nathan Guy
New Zealand Conservation Minister
Nick Smith
New Zealand Primary Industries Associate Minister
Jo Goodhew

Prime Minister John Key and the New Zealand Government : Stop shark finning in New Zealand waters and ban the trade of all shark fin products.

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      Our Seas Our Future

Realm of the Shark

Sharks inhabit almost every marine ecosystem on Earth. Modern fisheries continue to exploit a wide variety of sharks, from small dogfish to large whale sharks, from coastal to pelagic, and from tropical to temperate seas. There is now strong evidence that many shark fisheries are over-exploiting their resources. Because of their small litter size and slow rate of reproduction, sharks are particularly vulnerable to overfishing.

The sharks are losing disastrously, and we are jeopardizing world populations of top predators that are essential to the health of marine communities.

Shark fin Products

A costly delicacy - While most sharks caught in the New Zealand fisheries are taken for their meat, some are taken for their fins alone, which command high prices for shark fin soup. But the cost to the shark is its life.

All of the four main fins on a shark - pectoral, dorsal, anal and tail - are used for soup making. The fins are cut from the shark, trimmed to remove any flesh, and dried. Much of the dried product is exported to overseas markets and contributes to the ongoing worldwide demand.

New Zealand and Shark finning

Finning live sharks is illegal in New Zealand under the Animal Welfare Act, however it is legal to fin a dead shark. This finning usually takes place out at sea where the less valuable carcass can be discarded. It has been reported that illegal finning of live sharks is occuring in New Zealand waters (see the video above).

Show your support by signing this petition to: Stop shark finning in New Zealand waters and ban the trade of all shark fin products. 

How can society tolerate such greed and waste?


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      Thank you all for your continued support towards this campaign to stop shark finning in New Zealand and to ban the trade of all shark fin products.

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      Together can help make a difference for a better world to live in...

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    Reasons for signing

    • Sharon Hunter AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND
      • 8 days ago

      Inhumane treatment

      • 8 days ago

      Mr Key must we keep signing petitions to show that new zealanders are against cruelty to animals. Do you just not care. Look at what is happening you have the power to change they way animals are treated. Make a difference that people will remember you for. Please listen

    • Buddy Mikaere PAPAMOA, NEW ZEALAND
      • 9 days ago

      It is a cruel and wasteful practice.

      • 9 days ago

      Disgusting trade

      • 20 days ago

      Please don't allow this barbaric act!

      How would humans like to have their limbs removed (without anaesthesia) & then left to try to survive?

      I thought we were becoming more intelligent & knowledgable; unfortunately there still exists in our society, a greed for money regardless of the agony caused & what it does to the world our children will inherit.


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