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    1. Scott  Davis
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      Scott Davis

      Edgmont, PA

The Attorney General of the United States is the chief civilian law-enforcement officer of the Federal Government. The job requires exquisitely outstanding competence in the field of law, because this happens to be the most important law-enforcement job on the planet. Unfortunately, as we review the history of this core position in the President's cabinet, we see cronyism, incompetence, mediocrity, affirmation of error, and corruption. We recall John Mitchell, of Watergate fame, as just one example
in the history of our country, out of many political cronies appointed to this position
as some type of arcane payoff.
America, we can do better.
Right now, the US Justice Department is on the wrong track again.
Millions of people whose lives depend upon the normal expectation of
Constitutional standards of American justice have been let down by the
corrupt interlock between local, State and Federal corruption and a growing enablement, in which one official after another aids and abets crime and public endangerment. It is time for a US Attorney General to crack the whip,
to get rid of the deadwood in the US Department of Justice, to hire people
who will not and cannot lie to the President (who probably has no idea
how failed his own Administration is in this area, because the corrupt people
around him shield him from the truth systematically), and to tell people in the
US Justice Department to go out across the length and breadth of our
fair land, to reach out to victims of injustice and help us, and to
hire a special task force not just as window dressing, but to tap corrupt officials
on the shoulder, from Pennsylvania to California, and to say, "You're coming
with me to answer more than a few questions."... and to keep these officials
in custody for a long, long time.
The agenda-driven policies of the US Department of Justice during the Obama Administration are a throwback to the 1970s. This is 2012. Concerns of injustice
in several States which amount to overdue arrearages of required work by the US Justice Department are stubbornly unmet and unaddressed by the Obama Administration - and a great many of these concerns which have been either completely unaddressed or inadequately answered to, date back to the 1990s and some even earlier.
Here, we have a suggested list of replacement candidates who are more qualified than the current occupant of the office of US Attorney General, and will be able to
do what a competent US Attorney General is supposed to do - help victims of injustice, root out corruption in Government at all levels, and face down corrupt bureaucrats within the US Justice Department and escort them from their desks, out the door, down the hall, down the stairs and into the parking lot with their walking papers.
The prayers of millions of Americans depend on the President doing what is right, without further delay. President Obama, contrary to the statements of Democratic Party and Administration propagandists, was not re-elected by a landslide. He lost significant support among those who he took for granted, and won re-election in a questionable squeaker, with 50.9% of the vote cast. Not 59%, but FIFTY percent plus a decimal fraction of one per cent. This was not a mandate or a referendum expressing any wide approval for the Obama record or policies, but rather the American people - who re-elected a House of Representatives which has a strong
Republican majority - are telling the Administration and Congress to work together and to be more reasonable. The first step in being reasonable is eliminating the cronyism, corruption and favoritism which has increasingly plagued Washington DC for over 25 years. The symptoms of discontent are there for all to see, and the world is watching as 48 out of 50 US States have peaceful secession movements gathering steam, and the Lawless America movement to restore the Constitution and the rule of law to Government in the USA is a sign of the times, and of the failure of this Administration. The American people are not satisfied with it, the world cannot respect it, and the Administration owes it to us to consider the following better-qualified candidates, not all of whom have credentials which popular opinion will regard as standard - but all of whom have shown a deep passion and wealth of knowledge about justice, and any one of whom can and should be an immediate replacement for the current occupant of the office of Attorney General of the United States:

1) Edward J. Erler, Senior Fellow, Claremont Institute 

2) Dr. Alan Dershowitz, Dean of Harvard Law School

3) Richard I. Fine, of California

4) Amy Goodman, investigative journalist

5) Thom Hartmann, investigative journalist

6) Rob Kall, investigative journalist

7) The Hon. US Rep. Dennis Kucinich

8) Dafna Linzer, investigative journalist

9) The Hon. former US Rep. Don Bailey, of Pennsylvania 

10) The Hon. US Representative Ron Paul

11) The Hon. Don Siegelman, former Governor of Alabama

12) Walter Williams, author and economist 

13) George Will, syndicated columnist

14) Bill McCollum, former Attorney General of Florida

15) The Hon. Joe Sestak, former US Representative from PA

16) The Hon. Scott Brown, former US Senator from Massachusetts.

17) Cheri Honkala, candidate for Vice President in 2012; activist.

The current occupant of the office of US Attorney General has accomplished
everything he ever can or ever will in the office, and it is time for him to
move over and make way for justice - especially for concerns of justice
which have been notoriously unaddressed and pointedly mishandled
by the US Justice Department, especially during the course of the
Obama Administration.
For a country whose Government prides itself so much on human rights
that American officials are willing to lecture other nations' Governments
about their own unacknowledged lapses in doing what is right, it is time for
Uncle Sam to take a look in the mirror, and to require that all American
officials live up to their Oaths of Office, completely, with respect, and
with a renewed friendship for our own people, who they seem to have
forgotten somewhere along the line.
Hypocrisy is no way to re-establish the bruised credibility of the
United States. It is time to restore the good name of the
United States and the integrity of what this country stands for,
which is symbolized by the flag which our heroes and veterans
have fought under and continue to do so bravely today.
The American people will no longer tolerate behavior in
Washington DC which makes light of the sacrifices of our
heroes and veterans.
It is time for a higher standard in Washington DC - one which
makes sure that American officials mean what they say
when they take that Bible in their left hand, raise their right hand
and repeat these words and every word which follows
these four: "I DO SOLEMNLY SWEAR...."
It is time for American officials to remember
that people in the United States have rights too, and that
Government exists to secure those rights.
November 15, 2012, Scott Davis

President Obama, VP Biden, The Hon. US Senator Patrick Leahy

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    1. Edward J. Erler - an excellent candidate for US Attorney General!

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      Please read the excellent article by Dr. Edward J. Erler, of California State University at San Bernardino.
      This article deals with Kelo v. New London, inter alia;
      Kelo v. the City of New London, Connecticut is one of the most disastrous US Supreme Court rulings in history. It gives free rein to eminent domain abuse. <>

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    3. Four Signatures In The First Hour of this Petition!

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      Is THIS our real US Attorney General behind the scenes?
      If not, why is it that is sure seems like it......?


      Conservative columnist George Will thinks Democratic Alabama Governor Don Siegelman was unfairly convicted of bribery. Why does the Obama Administration disagree with Will and 91 former and current state attorney generals who believe the case against Siegelman is outrageous?


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    • Scott Davis EDGMONT, PA
      • over 1 year ago

      Maybe now, now that he is going....going....maybe the petition throttling will stop, and we will get someone in there who is at least mildly interested in the Constitution of the United States.

    • Mary Bagnaschi TORRINGTON, CT
      • over 1 year ago


      corrupt interlock between local, State and Federal corruption and a growing enablement, in which one official after another aids and abets crime and public endangerment. It is time for a US Attorney General to crack the whip,

      to get rid of the deadwood in the US Department of Justice, to hire people

      who will not and cannot lie to the President.

    • Katherine Conner WILSON, LA
      • over 1 year ago

      Please appoint a new U S Attorney, Mr. Holder does not have the interest of the poor people, affected by injustice and corruption. I have contacted the U S DOJ several times, all divisions with injustice complaints(Court)with compelling evidence. Each time I was brushed off and told to get my own lawyer. If I could afford my own lawyer I would hardly be contacting the U S DO J lawyer i wouldn't be contacting, and the chances of hiring a real lawyer in Louisiana are slim to none. Very little is being done in Washington, D C to combat and especially in our courts. See evidence I sent to the USDOJ at: Axj SAVE. MATTHEW MOORE

    • Scott Davis EDGMONT, PA
      • over 1 year ago

      One more name which should go on the list as a possible candidate for US Attorney General - and maybe he should have been first on the list: JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO!


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